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Author Topic: Black Screen while running MP4 with MediaDroidx w/ 32 GB card  (Read 3923 times)


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I have been using the MediaDroidx player with a 32 GB flash card to run a PowerPoint 2013 presentation that has been converted to a .MP4 file using the export feature of PowerPoint 2013. The PowerPoint file has 40 side that change every 20 sec for a total time of 13 min. 40 sec. and a file size of about 111 MB. The MediaDroidx player is fresh out of the box, about 1 month and nothing has been change nor app have been added. Unless the device has downloaded updates when I created the Google play account. Do not know the version or how to find out. Running kitkat 4.4.2 and Air version from the station page

Running one campaign with one screen with two division. The top channel is 75H X 1920W that run a scrolling welcome message with a time and date that is repeating. The bottom channel is 996H X 1092W that plays the .MP4 file for 13 min. 40 sec., two separate weather components at 1 min each, and two RSS news feed at 2 min each.

The campaign have been deleted and recreated thinking that may be the cause.

The problem:

Recently the 996H X 1920W (bottom screen) channel will go into black screen about 10 min into the .MP4 file. At 13 min. 40 sec. the two weather component will play (one min each) and then the two RSS feed will play with no issues (two min each).  The top channel continue to play just fine. Then the cycle repeat and the bottom screen will play the .MP4 file and will black out between 10 and 11 min.

I have check, resave and converted the powerpoint file to .MP4, uploaded to the cloud account, clear the cache and restarted the player and I will get the same thing.

I have also converted the .MP4 file to .FLV. The file increase by two and the quality was not that good.

I will try to play a small .MP4 file not from powerpoint to see if I can recreated the problem.


# Has there been a update to the player.

# Could I be causing the GPU to crash, but the top channel is still playing fine.

# Is there a setting that I am missing.

# Playing the campaign on a pc or from the webpage works fine.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Norm J


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Black Screen while running MP4 with MediaDroidx w/ 32 GB card
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2015, 09:14:54 AM »
I have VT turned on, and sometimes, I have a black screen too. Mostly it works after I force close it, and try again, but sometimes I need to try 4 times before it works. Did you try to force close and start it over again a few times?Ps. the emulator is also very slow with VT turned on on my system.


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Re: Black Screen while running MP4 with MediaDroidx w/ 32 GB card
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2015, 11:26:30 AM »
I may have solved the problem with the black screen while playing .MP4 file.

I have been using PowerPoint 2013 to create a 13 minute presentation that is run on our monitor using the Mediadroidx controller. After about 11 minute into the presentation the screen would go black, and the time and date scroll bar continue to play. This rules out any problems with the Mediadroidx. The files were also play on the Android video player with no problems

Doing some research, I found that if the .MP4 file has no audio, that the file will go black.

I create two exact PowerPoint file with and without an audio sound track, ran them on the  Mediadroidx, the first file without the audio went black after about 11 minute and the second file ran without any problems.

I was able to a find a 16 minute audio file of silent and by adding this file to PowerPoint 2013, this seen  to solve the problem.

The Mediadroidx controller is using the SignagePlayer version 4.34.13 with Android 4.4

Could the tech at Digital Signage please take look at this bug.



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