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New features and suggestions / SmartTV App for Player
« Last post by erichansen on December 04, 2018, 08:06:53 AM »
Any chance we could get an app in the app store say for samsung tvs to turn them into a player without needing a separate device?
When we use V6 software do touch screen project we found a major bug, the full screen can not be locked, use finger swipe screen edge can change whole App size, and showing desktop at back. This is not accepted in interactive project.

We did further test, found even not touch screen, use V6 media player, still can use mouse drug edge change App display size.
We try use F11 to lock App, doesn't work, Your support tech tried disable "Edge swipe" in windows setting, but still same, not work.
We checked other media player we using but in version V5, it don't have this issues.
I think as a digital signage player lock into full screen and be protected is essential requirement.
We use your Digital signage service many years, currently we have several interactive project using V6 to develop, we hope you can put this as a very high priority to solve the bug, otherwise you develop V6 touch system just like a joke, it can't be use in real project at all.
I expecting get response asap.
SignagePlayer / Re: Has anyone used this with a Raspberry Pi?
« Last post by admin on November 30, 2018, 04:15:51 PM »
Unfortunately, Based on experience the Pi hardware to too weak to run our system.
SignageStudio / Re: Video feed no longer working
« Last post by admin on November 30, 2018, 04:14:27 PM »
If the built in HTML and browser component doesnt work with your URL, you can use the external app firefox option  as long as you are using a windows based player.

New features and suggestions / Parse XSLT
« Last post by bbuttry on November 27, 2018, 08:23:39 PM »
It would be really cool to include a way to parse xslt...especially for scrolling text.
SignageStudio / Video feed no longer working
« Last post by MrBassMan on November 27, 2018, 02:54:13 PM »
A long working video feed has stopped woring in the last few days. The url for the feed is shown below:

Internally i use the hhtp prefix followed by the internal IP address, followed by:

If anyone wants to test signagestudio with this feed, you can access it using www  new-quay-shop.co.uk : 8081 followed by the string above. This is NAT'd to the internal pi by a router.

At that address is a raspberry pi running zoneminder which is taking a feed from a webcam. It's done like this as the pi can handle multiple connections better, is (relatively) more secure than the webcam and is self limiting on the number of simultaneous connections.

I have tried various things including using the HTML component pointed at the zoneminder monitor page, the video component using the URLs above etc. The html component shows the surrounding text but still does not display the video. Both the zoneminder monitor page and the direct link to the image work fine under Chromis on a Windows PC.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
SignagePlayer / Has anyone used this with a Raspberry Pi?
« Last post by kelemvor on November 20, 2018, 02:51:01 AM »

Either via an installed app, or just a web browser, has anyone used DigitalSignage on a Raspberry Pi 3?  I have two TVs that I want to put internal announcement type slides on.  We have a Raspberry Pi on each one so I'm trying to find something that will work with that.  I haven't found much so far but am hoping this might work since it has a browser option.

Anyone know if it would work or not?
SignagePlayer / "NO Device" popup on androidplayer
« Last post by tetzuo on November 19, 2018, 03:03:32 PM »
Hi out there,

got a problem using a RB9 androidplayer.

every time the signageplayer starts, there is a popup "no device"

Player is running, updates working...

any ideas

please logon to Live support: http://chat.digitalsignage.com so we can check on your concern.
SignagePlayer / Re: Android 8.1 issue with signageplayer app
« Last post by admin on November 13, 2018, 10:24:06 PM »
Tested it with a Samsung Note 9  running version 8.0 as well and didn't get any errors, looks to be something with your devices firmware configuration.
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