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SignageStudio / Showing Pictures stored locally
« on: March 06, 2014, 11:17:37 AM »
So I was wondering if anybody had any idea on how to show pictures store locally on the PC in a screen division.  I know you are thinking why would you ever want to do this but hear me out.

I have a client that wants some signs set up for a big party. They want to be able to live update pictures on the sign without the sign ever going black to restart.  The idea being they would pull pictures off of twitter that were taken at the party and live update the signs throughout the night.

What I am thinking of doing is putting dropbox on all of the machines. Then I could share that folder with whoever is managing the pictures and they can add/delete as they like which would update the signs seamlessly and automatically.

I am just nto sure how I could point the software to look at pictures that or stored locally.  Any ideas?

New features and suggestions / Local time of the machine in station view.
« on: September 28, 2013, 09:44:21 AM »
I do a lot of temporary sign setups for conventions and I am always having to fight with the local time of the machine.. It would be very handy to have a column that pulls the info from the local clock of the machine.  This would make life a lot easier for troubleshooting signs not showing what they should be. Thanks!!!

I just got about 18 media boxes in and every one had a default power setting to turn the monitor off after 10 minutes.  Not a huge deal but it is a horrid default setting that should be changed. This is also kind of a heads up to people buying the new box.  I do love the new mini displayport though!!!

So I just got  about 16 new Media Boxes in all with High Gain antennas and they looks to be an upgraded version of past boxes. One major difference is the antenna ports are much closer together not allowing to use 2 high gain antennas. They are just to bulky to fit next to each other.

SignageStudio / Seamless updating of an image slideshow
« on: February 13, 2013, 08:27:14 AM »
So I am setting up 6 signs for a grand opening of a local hotel. The idea is that it will have a live twitter feed which is no problem. By the way visibletweets.com works great for this!! The problem I need to solve is when people send pictures to me via twitter I need to be able to update them live without the players restarting. I was looking to options that embed a slideshow via flikr or picasa but those will not loop.

Would anybody have any idea on the best way to go about this.

SignageStudio / Can I have the that smoke grey interface back?
« on: January 11, 2013, 11:31:11 AM »
I know this is nit picky and unimportant but I am just not digging this new white interface.  Is it possible to have that easy on the eye smoke grey interface back? I looked around for a place to change it so I doubt you can but I still wanted to check.

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