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Thanks Tiet for the update. Had to resort to 2008 R2 and it worked just fine.

Done and they helped me with that issue.



I can create accounts for Signage Studio Pro from my private mediaSERVER isntallation. However I cannot do the same for SigangeStudio Lite. I tried that using two methods:

1. Go to URL then clicking on create new account, then selecting StudioLite. In this case I get an empty template list and so cannot create a user.

2. Opening the Enterprise Studio then going to "add from sample" then selec StudioLite, again the same result. An empty template list.

Can someone please help guide me through this?


Great, thanks E_Dantes.



It is indicated on the website that mediaSERVER OS requirement is Windows 2008 Server 64 bit. Many of the new sites now will be forced to buy the latest edition of Windows Server since 2008 version is not being sold any more by Microsoft.

My question is can I install on Windows Server 2012 without a problem?


Let us know what new features would you like to see in StudioLite 2.0?


Here are my initial suggestions:
  • Add Stations Grouping features to add multiple stations into one group.
  • Allow sending a campaign to multiple stations at once either from the campaign tab or this new stations groups tab.
  • Allow RSS feed component to set direction to be left to right in order to support RTL languages.
  • Add an Undo button when editing layout like in older version and as seen in the tutorials.

I really hope to see that in the next release.



Being a reseller I am sure you understand how important it is to hide any reference to MediaSignage. I learned from chat now upong investigating the option of shipping to our custoemrs your mediaDroids that using them won't help in the above scenario. We would have the Media Signage logo n the player itself as well as on the Android Boot Logo. Isn't there any option to resolve this? Is there at least a way to hide the OS Boot logo?



How is reseller_sample.xml modified and used. What function and features does it provide?
Is it any usefeul when using mediaSERVER private server?


Open source Digital Signage / Studio Lite Scheduler UI Problems
« on: February 14, 2015, 05:40:10 AM »

I noticed a problem with the UI that seems to be intermittent. When I try to schedule a campaign and attempt to select calendar days, an formatted calendar control pops up. Here is how it looks like : After some browser refreshes it seems to appear. Sometimes whenever the scheduler mode page loads I see the calendar control beneath the footer without even selecting anything.

Also when switching to play weekly and under "select days", the day check boxes overflow outside the viewable area and I can only see a couple of check boxes. Also day names don't appear. Check this snapshot please to see what I mean:

I tried this on Chrome,IE, and Firefox all shows the same behavior. Firefox seem to be less prone in showing this behavior.
Could someone please explain what is happening and how to fix this?

SignageStudio / White Label Signage Studio Web
« on: February 14, 2015, 05:13:10 AM »

Our model will include buying mediaSERVER, white label it and install it to one of our customers. Their IT Policy restricts using the cloud. My question is about branding, will I be able to completely hide Mediasiagnage brand and use our brand? In essence buying mediaSERVER automatically brings enterprise features and this includes access to Enterprise Studio which is component responsible for white label. I assume that enterprise studio itself will still refer to What is our best option to accomplish that?


Ok great..thanks.


Can anyone advise what is to be edited on the webserver hosting Studio Lite in order to get it connected with the private mediaSERVER instead of the CLOUD? Or is it as simple as manipulating hosts file/DNS. I also need my Signage Android Players to connect to mediaSERVER the same way. I appreciate all the help I can get.


Hi Admin,

Is that feature available now?


Hi E_Dantes,

Were you able to resolve this. We are about to purchase mediaSERVER and interested in knowing what you did in case we face the same issue.


New features and suggestions / Re: Multi Screen Synchronization
« on: September 20, 2014, 04:14:44 AM »
Yes, I see. I will try to group as much screens as possible to be connected to the same player.


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