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General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: HTML5 content
« on: November 05, 2012, 12:33:32 AM »
Are you sure about that? I tried with an fake page and don't work, but if you are sure, I try it again.

I just tested linking to a public dropbox .html file, and it worked like a charm. It may depend on the kind of content you want to display, but I'm pretty sure this works.

This has done the trick. 

Anyone else in the same boat, you need these two cool tools to fix the problem.
AutoHideMouseCursor v1.42
hidetaskbar http://www.sevenforums.com/customization/79667-remove-taskbar-100-a.html#post696027

Problem solved

Glad to hear. Awesome of you to summarize your solution and provide links.

Add exception in signage controller for USB Broadband Dongle

I have managed to setup player with USB Broadband Dongle.

Problem is the taskbar and mouse pointer.

I have over come the mouse pointer issue by using AutoHideMouseCursor v1.42
I need this as I am using VLC to play media files and mouse pointer shows up on VLC Zones.

(1) In campaign settings there should be option to force kill/hide mouse pointer if possible.

Taskbar is problem as I can’t run this station in Real Station Mode.  Real station mode kills all running programs including USB Dongle software.

I have set my taskbar under Windows XP to auto hide but I get white line at the bottom of the screen. 

(2) Add exception in signage controller for USB Dongle Software so it closes all except selected ones.


Regarding hiding the taskbar, a user on these forums had a similar issue, where auto-hiding the taskbar wasn't enough. Putting the hidetaskbar.exe file in your startup folder, you should have fixed one of the issues.

Does the SignageController continue to kill the USB-dongle-software, even after running for a while? Perhaps you could re-launch the dongle-software every 5 minutes or so, if the software is not running? A simple .bat script should be able to do that.

We anticipate the feature will work in late November early December, I can't guarantee but we are pushing hard on it!

Hi admin. I'm just posting this to tell you how much I appreciate, that you're being realistic about future features. Promised features on vague deadlines are a lot more disappointing than realistic guesses/hopes about when the developers will get to handling an issue. Thumbs up. I would greatly appreciate a feature like this, but I understand, that you do not have the resources to develop everything at once.

Another quick note: I'm pretty sure you are multiple users using the same "admin" account on these forums. Could you perhaps split this single account into multiple accounts, one for each moderator? It makes the support that you're offering a lot more personal, and a dialog is much more comfortable when you know you're writing with the same person.

SignagePlayer / Re: Video converter besides Freemake
« on: October 29, 2012, 01:47:06 AM »
If you're interested in total control over every aspect of video conversion and compatibility with all formats, you should look into FFMPEG . It is command-line only, although simple GUI's have been made to make it easier to control. Do expect a lot of tweaking and testing, as FFMPEG doesn't guide you towards the correct settings at all, you're just left with all options.

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: HTML5 content
« on: October 25, 2012, 06:01:49 AM »
Are you sure about that? I tried with an fake page and don't work, but if you are sure, I try it again.

Pretty sure, but now you've made me doubt myself, so I'll test it when I have the chance. On my way home.

Regarding you iPad questions, I really have no clue. As far as I'm concerned, the so called total compatibility of the SignagePlayer is dubious.

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: HTML5 content
« on: October 25, 2012, 04:09:52 AM »
Download and install dropbox instead. You can put it in your public folder, and get the public URL by right clicking the .html file. Link the html component to that.

New features and suggestions / Re: HTML Component | Zoom Website Content
« on: October 24, 2012, 03:04:13 AM »
Or does anyone know of any other method to display a zoomed version of a webpage, maybe a web service you could append the URL you'd like magnified to.. webpagezoomer.com/thepageiwanttozoom.com ?? Long shot I know lol.

I also use the HTML object to do just about everything in our campaigns as well. We've been having similar issues, more specifically problems with enlarging content pulled from an external site. Even though the content was pretty much plain text, I couldn't increase the font size using CSS.

I found a solution, though. By putting the whole external site in a <div>, I could then use transform property of CSS (see code below) on the divider, I was able to enlarge it by a factor of choice.

Code: [Select]
border:0px solid blue;
-ms-transform:scale(1.5,1.5); /* IE 9 */
-moz-transform:scale(1.5,1.5); /* Firefox */
-webkit-transform:scale(1.5,1.5); /* Safari and Chrome */
-o-transform:scale(1.5,1.5); /* Opera */
overflow: hidden
<div id="wrap">
<iframe id="conventus" src="http://hvl-gruppen.dk/mediasignage/test/conventus_js.html" style=" border-width:0 " width="670" height="412" frameborder="1" scrolling="no"> </iframe>

Orignal: http://hvl-gruppen.dk/mediasignage/test/test_original.html
Zoom: http://hvl-gruppen.dk/mediasignage/test/test_zoom.html

Note that the margins and the transform factor are the only things that differ in the two page-sources. (The margins need tweaking, because they are transformed as well. Didn't bother perfecting them for test purposes.)

I don't know if this will be of any use to you, but this solved my issues (for now).
An official zoom-feature for scenes/html components would also be appreciated.

If you post what site you're attempting to zoom in on, I could perhaps help you a bit more.

This. This would help a lot, not only when timing videos

SignagePlayer / Re: vlc loop problem
« on: October 19, 2012, 04:39:46 AM »
I have no experience whatsoever with the external app component, so I can't help you there..
I have, however, achieved acceptable results using the media converter MediaSignage recommends, playing a Full HD video on a Full HD monitor. Freemake does its job well.

SignageStudio / Re: Facebook Integration and XML
« on: October 19, 2012, 04:33:20 AM »

Thanks so much for this. Definitely going to look into implementing it. I agree with you that the current FB component is useless. The two main things that businesses want to display, it lacks: statuses and likes.

You're quite welcome. The code is designed very rigidly, and it will probably be a PITA if you need it to fit a component that isn't exactly the correct size (72x712). I had to tweak the margins and padding for an hour to make it fit like I wanted.

If you want, I can adjust it to a size you want. Just post here, and I'll see what I can do.

SignageStudio / Re: Facebook Integration and XML
« on: October 17, 2012, 12:21:05 AM »
Does anyone have any insight/information into developing Facebook implementation with the XML component? Social Media is definitely the way forward and many of our clients want to see Facebook statuses and likes on their screens. I have been researching a bit and it seems Facebook is quite difficult to pull information from; possible, but not easy. The access token element definitely complicates matters.

I'm not even sure the XML component is the way to go with this. I've found articles that talk about using PHP code. I'm no programmer, and I don't even know if there's a way to currently make use of such within Studio. I would consider outsourcing this kind of project an experienced programmer, but I think I need to wait for the SDK to become available.

Would be interested to hear anyone else's ideas/thoughts/projects.

And of course, we're still waiting very patiently for that XML Component bug to be fixed.

In my honest opinion, the FB component is useless. Our solution is the "like-box" from the Facebook API.along with the HTML component. Using that, and a lot of fine tuning, you can make something like this. Our client uses it quite actively.

It has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, I couldn't disable the border around the left likebox, resulting in a small white line intersecting the black main border.
It refreshes every 60 seconds with javascript, but doesn't "white-out" if connection is lost (a very serious issue I had to address before we could use the component).

Here's the source: http://pastebin.com/2erGPN5f - try pasting your own facebook ID into the code, and upload it somewhere like dropbox (won't run from desktop).

SignagePlayer / Re: vlc loop problem
« on: October 14, 2012, 11:14:50 PM »
Is there any reason you're not just converting the file to something signagestudio/player can handle natively?

SignagePlayer / Re: SignagePlayer Won't Stay Hidden
« on: October 10, 2012, 01:00:38 AM »
SignagePlayer goes away when I click "Hide", but then it comes back to the forefront about 3 minutes later.

I am running on a Windows 7 Laptop.

I have no idea how to fix the issue you're having, but I have been having a similar problem, and have successfully eliminated it with the following script. I suggest you do something similar to this, if only to temporarily get your players running without interruption again.

All you need to do is compile a tiny script that minimizes the window, and keeps doing so in case it pops up again. I am currently using a deviation of this script to keep my screens focused on the campaign, as it got interrupted by TeamViewer all the time.

AutoHotkey is a very small and useful language, especially for these kinds of tasks. Download the portable version from here: http://www.autohotkey.com/download/. (When you're finished making the script, you can also compile it to a .exe, for you to roll out on all your players.)

Create a file that contains the lines below, and rename it something.ahk (the .ahk is important). Then run  it with autohotkey.exe.

Code: [Select]
#Persistent ;Keeps a script permanently running (that is, until the user closes it or ExitApp is encountered).
#NoEnv ;Avoids checking empty variables to see if they are environment variables (recommended for all new scripts).
#SingleInstance ;Determines whether a script is allowed to run again when it is already running.
SetTitleMatchMode 2 ;Read the documentation. Determines what kind procedure the script uses when checking the titles of windows.

while True { ;Makes the script run the same lines of code over and over again.
Sleep 2500
WinMinimize SignagePlayer ;This needs to match the window you want to continually minimize.

For this to work, though, the window has to be named SignagePlayer. You can see it in action by saving a notepad file as "SignagePlayer.txt".

I haven't tested this. If it doesn't work, I'll see if I can get the correct name of the pop-up myself. PM me or reply in this thread, and I'll happily help you.

New features and suggestions / Re: Expire date for each Resource
« on: October 03, 2012, 01:48:34 AM »
I've been begging for the ability to schedule content rather than timelines.  Do a search for AVGEEK on this forum and read all about his idea for a PLAYLIST component.  I have always felt that it is extremely important to be able to schedule individual content with stat/stop days as well as start/stop time on those specific days.

MediaSignage said that they would investigate this as a possible enterprise feature.  Please encourage them to develop this.

I absolutely agree. With the ad-engine broken, there is currently no way to schedule in a proper way.

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