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General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / World Cup 2010
« on: June 10, 2010, 09:21:04 AM »
Hi All,
Is anyone doing anything special on their screens for World Cup?
I'm looking for some unique items on WCup 2010 to attract to my screens.
Links, Podcasts , Result RSS etc.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated,

Sunny Jamaica

New features and suggestions / Wish List
« on: December 21, 2009, 08:25:52 AM »
Just a few items for my wish list having used another system.

1) Incremental polling to the server for auto updates (Once online each unit polls ever so often checking for updates - (Auto update every 5 mins hence no need for rebooting for updates as this is hard on the win xp system...I find that xp freezes at times on a station update)
2) Drag and dropping of resources Within channels in campaigns.
3) Unit Manager. showing Stats/ last update/ CPU info (usage/health) etc. so we can easily follow history of the unit and know status.
4) Ability to create folders to file resources.
5) Ability to know when uploading a file with the same name - Overwrite or change that particular resource Globally. ( Alert of dupes)
6) Ability to make Global changes(Across the network).
7) When deleting a resource it is taken out globally but leaves the Gaps in the campaign - Need a way to auto close these gaps to prevent dead zones in campaigns - Eliminate the need to go to each player to close the gaps)
8 ) Ability to drag and drop items more easily.
9) File time lines seem buggy as not always showing the time-line of the resource and even if it does it does not always stay.
10) Ability to pre-setup resources (Full ad campaigns) and to be able to drag and drop within players.
11) MOST IMPORTANT: The ability to get an Alert (Email/SMS) when a system is offline (Lost Internet).

All I can think about for now. :)


My issue is Different ad campaigns in different zones within one set TIMELINE.

OK..lets say I have a campaign with 3 items @ 1 min each with a timeline of 3 mins.
Zone 1 will fit this timeline...(3 1 min ads)
Zone 2 has 10 ads with various times which falls ..lets say 8 mins.
Zone 3 is ok as It is a ticker that will repeat itself.

My question:
1]What do I do with the remaining 5 Mins in Zone 1 ( I have no ads to fill it)?
2) If I need to change an ad in Zone 1 with a longer duration....
Would I have to change the whole timeline?

I need a way for each Zone (Part of Screen) to auto loop back to the 1st item in the zone regardless of the amount of resources in it...or to be able to have different resources with various duration runs within that same set TIMELINE campaign.

As it is now...it seems I have to Fill in that extra 5 mins or the last item on zone 1 will stay for the 5 mins b4 it loops back to the beginning of the ads in that particular zone. *sigh*.

Hope you can help me as I am getting FRUSTRATED reading and listening to something that does not explain all.

Just trying to understand and get this up and running fast!!
Thanks in advance.
Sunny Jamaica

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