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Report bugs and errors / Stock ticker from Global Scene Import is missing
« on: February 04, 2019, 03:07:47 PM »
We are new to DigitalSignage software and after watching the tutorial on how to add a stock ticker I can not find the pre-built scene that was mentioned.  I asked online chat and he told me that it does not "seem" to be available now.  Is there a workaround to this aside from having to figure out how to build it from scratch?  The tutorial did not cover how to build from scratch.  It just said you can build from scratch but better to import the pre-built scene.  Feeling a bit lost here   :-[



We are looking at the Media Players available through Digital Signage and there is a huge price jump from the Android based machines to the Windows based machines.  What is the difference?  We have a lobby welcome sign with an embedded Google sheet that updates with our clients names, a stock ticker, and a video that plays on the display.  Will the basic Android unit work at $165, or do we need to spend $600 - $700 on the Windows based units.  Minix offers several variations on Windows based computers for around $200, would these be a viable option?  We have to set up a lot of screens in branches around the country so saving several hundred per screen would be nice . ..  but not at the expense of reliable operation.  Just looking for some feedback on what we honestly need to make this work.



I am brand new to Digital Signage and we are looking for a solution for our mortgage branches.  Ideally we would like a display with stock ticker across the bottom, a couple windows displaying product info, testimonials, etc, and then a schedule of who is expected, the time of their appointment, and who they are meeting with.  The ideal scenario would be a shared calendar where our sales team could log in and enter their own appointments and have the system automatically update.  Is this possible with DigitalSignage software.  Is it easy to set up, or can I retain the services of a third party to help us set up our first display.

The second phase of this implementation is to roll out sign control on approximately 8 or 9 other displays around our primary branch.  two or three screens will share common display content and a few will be unique to themselves.

I am looking forward to responses here or you can text me at 702-521-3122 for a faster response if you are capable of doing this work and want to let me know approximately what it would cost us.


Las Vegas, NV

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