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mediaPLAYERS, Hardware and accessories / Re: TV card for Digital PAL
« on: January 04, 2015, 03:11:36 AM »
Use the DShow (capture) function in VLC and open VLC in "quiet" mode under the command in MediaSignage

Just target the VLC app on the player to open instead of Aver and use a command like "-I dummy-quiet dshow:// --aspect-ratio=16:9"

SignagePlayer / Re: Multiple players triggered at the same time?
« on: January 04, 2015, 02:44:25 AM »
Thanks for your feedback... tried and tested results...

The client wanted to really drive their content at 9720x1920 [9 vertical HD monitors in a row] (who knows why - very keen ad agency...) so we were forced to use multiple players due to the 4k(ish) resolution restriction in place with the signage player.

The way we have successfully ensured that is is all in sync is to utilise a local NTP server (windows 2008 Server) and the machines check their system time ever hour and adjust accurately within milliseconds using the software by  timesynctool(dot)com - a great piece of software - PLEASE DONATE if you use!

It really has worked and has proved to be running smoothly and in sync now for over a month :D

New features and suggestions / Re: Weighted Content
« on: January 04, 2015, 02:35:52 AM »
Hi Admin,

Ive really racked my brains and looked through the components to make the signage work with an Ad environment, without having to create individual timelines.

Without developing our own interface using the SDK (do not know how) we eagerly look forward to the re-release of the mediaADNET. Is there an estimated time frame that the developers are working towards?

We really love using MediaSignage and have a number of high end clients using it - the new releases inc the new signage player are strengthening your product in what is a very busy and competitive market.

SignagePlayer / Re: 4.30.22 Issues
« on: January 02, 2015, 10:35:20 PM »
I never personally got on with Aver Media Centre.

On installations where we have used live TV we have used Direct Show with VLC.

Instead of opening Aver in the app - open VLC and in the command line put something like "-I dummy-quiet dshow:// --aspect-ratio=16:9"

It will quietly open direct show (Capture) and scale to anything you set (example is 16:9)

New features and suggestions / Weighted Content
« on: January 02, 2015, 10:29:48 PM »
This is a quick fix to removing your MediaAd net

We have a real need for weighting adverts in a playlist that play throughout the day.

Competitors including Aerva allow for a smart playlist to be created where you can weight (assign a percentage you want the content to play) on a daily basis.

The playlist automatically generates itself in your timeline (we run about 3-5mins of adds every 15 minutes followed by LiveTV) without the need to create 60+ timelines a day.

This need stems from the fact that some clients only pay for their ads to play 4 times a day / whilst others pay for 60 times a day etc


SignagePlayer / Multiple players triggered at the same time?
« on: November 23, 2014, 02:50:21 AM »
Has anyone had any success doing this?

We have a large video wall (9 x Samsung HDTVs - Portrait) connected to 3 players each having three outputs.

Total output resolution is 9720 x 1920 (each player 3240x1920).

Has anyone had any great success / experience triggering the content to play at the same time?

The best way I have thought of doing this is to ensure system clocks are all the same then trigger them at a set time - ie 7am....

Player Specs: Gigabyte Brix i5 - GB-BXi5G-760
                     4th generation Coreā„¢ processors - i5-4200H
                     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 GPU - Running 3 Full HD LED Screens (total output resolution in NVidia Surround Mode 3240x1920)
                     120GB SSD
                     16GB Ram
                     Windows 7 Pro

We have been experiencing an issue where a signage player with multiple screens does not load correctly. Content would only appear on 1 of the 3 monitors, but after a restart of the signage player software it would be fine.

If we allowed windows to load everything (say 5/10 seconds) and then launch the software everything is fine. Must be something relating to Graphics Drivers / Nvidia.

We first of all tried writing our own batch file that would first of all wait 10 seconds then load the player as well as checking to see if the player was running every 60 seconds - launching if it wasnt. This was great until we realised that the Signage controller is required for a number of other functions with MediaSignage as well as checking if the player is running or not.

Plan B which patched / fixed our issue was to write another batch file that launched with the signage controller. The Signage controller would launch the player as normal (which would appear wrong) then we would close the player straight away... signage controller would then restart the player as normal which would then be full screen :D

If you would like to download our patch / work around you just follow the these steps:

1 - Open Notepad
2 - Copy and paste the following text:

@echo off

echo Developed by Reece Pugh - Screencorp Pty Ltd
echo Australia's Premier LED screen Provider
echo Kill Signage Controller on startup

timeout /t 5
taskkill /f /im "SignagePlayer.exe"

3 - Save the file anywhere (such as My Documents) and call it **something**.bat
4 - Create a shortcut to your newly created batch file in your startup folder (Run > Shell:startup)
5 - restart your computer and watch how it works

Just a couple of queries regarding how things are progressing?!

mediaADNET - How is this going?

Background Music Player - How is this going?

Background content download - Is this going to appear instead of the "loading" bar that appears when content is being downloaded? Or to even have the option to skip playing until downloaded as it looks bad on the screen having nothing!!


Just received the windows 2008 server...

what's the generic password windows is shipped with??

Support is offline (im based in Aus) and we only have today to install the server :(

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