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SignagePlayer / Signage Player crashing multiple times a day
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:01:51 AM »
I have 6 displays running the Signage player currently using a Windows 10 Pro x64 pc mounted on the wall behind the display. The pcs are all set up exactly the same. We connect them to our domain, turn on remote access, only install the Signage Player program, create a local login that has standard user level access to the system, log into the local account, and start up the signage player so it begins playing the Campaign we have set up for them. All of them have the exact same station settings and are running the same campaign.

Of those 6 displays, 2 have not crashed once. The other 4 have crashed between 1 and 4 times a day. The player restarts itself after it crashes but the crash notification boxes all stay up front so you have this nice signage playing in the background with 1 - 4 error messages sitting in front of it. If they just went to the background I honestly wouldn't even care. I would just restart the machine every now and then to clear them and let it go. However it cannot be ignored when they are displayed right in front of the signage player.

On one of the first ones we set up I went back in and unregistered the player, did a fresh Windows 10 install with a new ISO in case something was wrong with our old ISO, setup the local account as the initial account you create after setting up Windows so that it is an Admin account, reinstalled the Signage player, and started it up. I then left it running over the weekend. It and the other 3 that have been crashing had all crashed multiple times over the weekend.

We do have a 7th display that is running a separate campaign because it sits in our front lobby and displays messages for visitors coming to take tours or attend special events. It is running the same OS and the same set up. The only exception is that it is logged into the built in Admin account. It has not crashed once and has been running for over a year with no problems minus having to reboot it from time to time so Windows updates and other updates can run.

I am at a loss for why the 4 are crashing. I can't find any one common element among them that isn't on the 3 that don't crash. I even skimmed through the Window event logs. The few errors that were present on the ones that crashed, are also present on the ones that don't crash.

Edit: I forgot to add that all the players are version 5.0.99

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