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Posted a new video tutorial on using backgrounds and masks:

See here:


New video tutorial on Common Channels posted



Admin - MediaSignage.com

We released a private beta of release 1.9.164 which you can download now.
This release includes the following changes:

* Common channel now supports the Kiosk interrupt feature & will continue and play after transition
* Added over 50+ new template scenes with animation (Go to Editors > Imports Scenes icon to checkout)
* Optimization of loadable modules including Weather, Fonts and more
* Includes over 500+ new fonts with load on demand management
* Support for user defined fonts (email us to include in Studio)
* Fixed bugs in Label control
* Decrease installation size of SignagePlayer Desktop version to only 5.5 Megabytes
* Fixed bug with Weather control focus
* Added more MRSS Type support (mov/f4v)
* Added automatic random playback of MRSS feeds (to keep content fresh)
* Added Play/Stop controls on Scene Import

We are contently updating on Twitter with new changes, updates and new feature lists so be sure to follow us on Twitter so you know what's hot and what's new with MediaSignage.


Posted a new video on setting Layered backgrounds and masks, view here:



General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Added new Photo Shuffle Scene
« on: March 02, 2010, 04:35:46 PM »
We also added a new Scene that you can import, it's called "Photo Shuffle". Import it from Scenes > Import Scenes > General > Photo Shuffle


Eddie - MediaSignage.com

2.5 Firewall

The SignagePlayer communicates with the hosted servers over TCP/IP. The protocol uses http (as well as RSA public / private keys over standard http) and raw sockets. In order to insure proper operation the SignagePlayer must be allowed to communicate with the hosted servers within the Digital Signage network. The mediaBOX does not include an internal firewall and so no special configuration is required. However if your local area or corporate network does have a firewall, you will need to insure proper rules exist within your firewall to allow traffic originating from the mediaBOX to pass through.

The following are conditions which must exist on your network’s firewall:

Source: mediaBOX
IP address Destinations:
master . signage . me
business . signage . me
Manage1 . signage . me
Manage2 . signage . me

Protocol: TCP/IP: Socket connection

Port: 80

Note that if you have a firewall with an existing port 80 rule, this may NOT be enough. The reason is that many firewalls will only allow HTTP traffic. However, the mediaBOX communicates using a persistent TCP/IP socket connection. You may need to add a rule in your gateway / router to specifically allow connection oriented traffic over port 80 (not just HTTP). You should know that opening port 80 on your firewall does not compromise in any way the security of your local area network. Allowing trusted traffic originating from within the LAN onto a specific destination is common practice. It does not induce any potential

Receive a free updated MRSS stream of the Winter Olympic medal count...

for more info

Use our new 1.9 Media RSS component to take advantage of the new Olympic Media RSS feed.



Sean - MediaSignage.com

Updated: 2-19-2010

Release 1.9 GA is now available for download.
Please test it out and let us know of any bugs, issues or feedback you may have.
Make sure you run it on your test Players first to see how well all is working for you.

To view the Video Intro to release 1.9 go here:

Download here:

Here is a break down on what’s new in release 1.9

Common Channel
The biggest feature of release 1.9 is the common channel. This enhancement allows you to create a channel which common throughout all the campaign’s timelines. This is VERY powerful. Think of it as a “Shortcut” channel. Simply make a change on this special channel one time, and have ALL timelines which use this channel within them, get the new changes. This will greatly reduce administration tasks as you will no longer need to duplicate content management.  Some of the direct benefits of common channel include: Kiosks (have content continue and play even when switching between Digital Signage and Kiosk mode), Capture card as you can continue and display a live tv channel even when switching between timelines and our Advertising Engine which is coming in release 1.9 which really benefits from the common channel feature.

Port 80 support for Player communication
Starting release 1.9 you will no longer need to enable special firewall rules for port 336 as we no longer use port 336. In fact starting release 1.9, all traffic (upload, download and control) is executed over the standard port 80 which is open in everyone’s router.  So you have one less thing to worry about when deploying a new Digital Signage network.

Media RSS
In release 1.9 we completely redeveloped the Video podcast component. It is now called Media RSS.
As part of the new component we included: intelligent caching mechanism for RSS videos, auto play list which will allow you to play a series of video podcasts from a single podcast source one after the other. Simply put a link to a XML URL of Podcast list and the Media RSS component will play each video in series until all play to completion. Support for “Play to completion (see next section). Support and partnership with ScreenFeed.com so you may subscribe to fresh feeds such as Weather, Trivia, Entertainment news and more (we will have more on this partnership soon).

Play to completion
Also a hot feature, you can now mark a channel as “Play to completion” and all videos on that channel will play until they finish. You no longer need to worry about placing a video on the timeline and setting it’s length. Just mark the whole channel as “Play to completion” and all videos (including Media RSS videos) will always play to the end BEFORE moving to the next resource on the channel.

SDK Support for Flash CS developers
Starting release 1.9 you can develop your own Flash SWF files and modify the content of these SWFs from within the Signage Studio. For example, you can make a SWF Food Menu board and dynamically change the videos, text and images which are part of your FLA/SWF file directly with content that you uploaded in the Studio. We also added XML support for custom SWFs so you can work with your own XML data structure with your own developed Flash CS4 SWF. Simply drag and drop and swap the content out. This is a powerful feature which opens great opportunity for developers.

Full support for Timezone using our Flash Clock library
Set multiple clocks each playing to a different timezone offset

We will have new animated vector Weather forecast in release 1.9

Trusted SWF option
This new functionality enhances on the previous "Access external domain" option.
With this new enhancement you can easily have your developed SWF files access remote XML feeds and other data providers. This new option also allows you to load none Adobe Flash CS3 SWF files. SWFs created using 3d party SWF generators are now supported.

Resources and Templates
We also plan on having over 100 new vector backgrounds and MANY extra resources such as Dynamic SWFs for integration with the Signage Studio (Digital Menu boards and others). We will also start uploading new Templates starting release 1.9 which will allow you to use some of the pre-made resources in these template in Digital Signage presentations that you build. Simply import resources across accounts using the Import Scene feature.

Use blends to achieve transparency and other cool color migration on any object on your signage presentation.

Adobe AIR update control
Control Adobe AIR updates using Studio notifications and a "Update now" interface on the SignagePayer.

Font bundles
Font bundles include many new fonts. Plus, if you need specific font support for a RSS or multi language true type font, no problem! email us the font and we will add it to our font bindles.

New Theme
We completely redeveloped the application interface with a new CSS. The SignageStudio is now very stylish with a beautiful polished GUI. This also gets us ready for release 2.0 which will allow you to customize your own SignageStudio CSS control (great value for resellers).

Bug Fixes
We did kill some annoying bugs such as the Scene effect start time and a few others.

Release 1.9 will be available in sections. We will post a private build next week and begin adding more resources and information (including video tutorials) as the weeks go by. Be sure to follow our twitter and this forum so you can stay up to date with everything that’s going on.

Thank you for your interest in MediaSignage,

Sean - MediaSignage.com

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Added a new "Health Club" template
« on: January 16, 2010, 11:15:19 AM »
In efforts to start adding many more templates, we just uploaded our 1st one in a long time.
It's a Health Club theme.

To preview it see here: http://alturl.com/ocp3
You can create a new accounts with it or just preview it from the link.

Here are some key things in this Theme:

  • We are using layered screen divisions with a vector background
  • We are using a new format SWF which can be modified from within the Studio (Images/Text)
  • We are using multiple timelines with the same background config but different division layout

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Release 1.8 is now officialy out !!!
« on: November 27, 2009, 10:47:16 AM »
Release 1.8 is now officialy out !!!

Available here:


We posted a new Video Tutorial on how to use the SignagePlayer with an embedded External Application: VLC

See here:

Download VLC Here:


Alon - MediaSignage.com

New Video Tutorial: TVTime on Ubuntu as an External Application

We posted a new Video tutorial on how to use the great TVTime open source application on Ubuntu for External Application support.

See here:


General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / LIVE CHAT Support available...
« on: November 20, 2009, 08:08:09 PM »
If you need support be sure to checkout our LIVE CHAT Support:



Admin - MediaSignage.com

We now have LIVE CHAT. Just another way you can get help.
Checkout the "Live Chat" button on every page on MediaSignage (Linked on top on banner).


David - MediaSignage.com

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