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General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / mediaSERVER 4.11 now available
« on: April 05, 2013, 02:09:37 PM »
mediaSERVER 4.11 now available for download.
All the great mediaCLOUD features in a private server.
Read more here: http://blog.digitalsignage.com

General discussion on the mediaSERVER / mediaSERVER 4.11 now available
« on: April 05, 2013, 02:09:30 PM »
mediaSERVER 4.11 now available for download.
All the great mediaCLOUD features in a private server.
Read more here: http://blog.digitalsignage.com

Announcing release 4.10 - Local Ad management

In this release we have re-factored the Ad engine to provide a simpler approach to Advertising management.

- No need to use Incoming / Outgoing for local ad management if not running Ads across businesses
- Ability to set proof of play reports on any simple resource on timeline (videos / images / SWFs)
- Ability to set proof of play reports on dynamic components such XML, RSS, Clock components...
- Ability to set proof of play on internal catalog content
- Ability to set proof of play on internal collection content
- Expanded proof of play
- Set Start / End dates for resources on the timeline
- Rate tables (releasing at end of December)

You can watch the video tutorial here:

The SignageStudio (Web and Desktop) already been released to the wild with version 4.10 and the SignagePlayer 4.10 is currently in beta.
To download SignagePlayer 4.10 beta get it from here: http://galaxy.signage.me/Code/Install/air/4.10/CloudSignagePlayer.air

Be sure to report and bugs so we can fix them ASAP!

Comments are welcome below.


Sean - http://www.DigitalSignage.com

Buy 2 Android ZXs and get a Dual Core Android powered TV Player

The FREE Gift is powered by a dual core 1.2GHz ARM processor with 1G of memory and great for watching Netflix movies, listening to Pandora or just browsing the web.
To learn more visit this link: http://www.digitalsignage.com/html/mediabox_models.html

SignagePlayer for release 3.2.3 for iPad is now available for download

We are super excited to report that the new SignagePlayer final release was just accepted to the Apple App store, & it?s FREE.

SignagePlayer for iOS improvements include:

- iPad 3 retina display support 2048x1536
- HTML5 support with GPU hardware acceleration
- iPad Web camera integration (front / back)
- iPhone small screen optimization
- improved video multi threaded pipeline
- bug fixes

iPad release 3.2.3 release notes:

- iPad only supports FLV with H.264 video (do not use MP4 video formats on iPad presentation)
- MRSS is supported, however most public MRSS feeds use MP4, thus you should look for MRSS that's based on flash video (flv) format with H.264
- currently only Arial fonts supported
- Actionscript 2 not supported and will cause player to exit (i.e.: Flash clock used in some templates is AS2 so be sure to not use it in iPad)
- Some components not supported yet on iPad including Ad engine & catalog.
- All core features are supported including Weather, RSS, HTML5, FLV H264 Videos, Images, Actionscript 3 Flash swf, etc...
- slow internet connection (like weak wifi) will cause Splash screen to loop, be sure to have reliable connectivity

Get your FREE copy from the Apple App sore at http://ios.mediasignage.com


Subject: Announcing SignagePlayer Mobile version

We are happy to announce the release of the SignagePlayer Mobile version for Android, iOS (iPad / iPhone) and Amazon Kindle Fire.
The SignagePlayer Mobile version is a 1st class Player. It supports all the features as the Desktop Player including remote management, hardware accelerated videos, RSS, weather, etc.... and of course, it's all FREE!

- Enjoy smooth HD Video with hardware acceleration on selected devices (optimized on the Samsung 7 Plus Tablet, Samsung Note and Google Nexus phones)
- Be sure to start the device at the orientation of your presentation (i.e.: Portrait or Landscape) so it registers the correct width and height
- Hold finger down on screen for 3-5 seconds during the presentation playback to load the Signage control screen
- Enhanced registration and campaign selection pages

Release notes:
Current release 3.1 does not support enhanced functionality like Ad engine, Catalog etc. These will be added in near release
For iPad and iPhone use H.264 FLV videos

With MediaSignage you build your presentation once, and you can run it EVERYWHERE and all for FREE!

Download from the Google Android Market at http://android.mediasignage.com
Download from the Apple App store at: http://ios.mediasignage.com
or from the Amazon App Store at http://amazon.mediasignage.com
or as direct apk from: http://mediasignage.com/html/direct_download.html


General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Posted the MediaSignage docs...
« on: January 26, 2012, 02:52:27 PM »
We posted the MediaSignage docs, go to http://docs.mediasignage.com to review...

Follow us on Twitter or join our G+ Circle for updates

Stay in touch:

- http://plus.mediasignage.com
- http://twitter.mediasignage.com

If you wish to migrate your account to the new mediaCLOUD 3.x, please follow these instructions:



You can now take advantage of the mediaCLOUD API, check it here:

as well as the sample open source application, MonsterSignage:


Sean - MediaSignage.com

1.0.464 Added server version on Server Updater utility
1.0.464 Added ability to modify server IPs after install
1.0.464 Fixed bug with add abstract account
1.0.464 Added ability to modify server prefixed domains and IIS services after install
1.0.464 Fixed JS Alert on SignagePlayer web preview
1.0.460 Added firewall disable functionality during initial server install
1.0.300 Removed MediaSignage create new account link and Logo from SignagePlayer Desktop

Join us this Wednesday for a FREE webinar on the 3.X Ad Engine release.

Register now


Added a quick tip tutorial on how to crop HTML web sites, good stuff:



The MediaSignage support team

Subject: mediaRESELLER special limited time offer - Unlimited Desktop Licenses

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... it does!!!

This is a Limited Time mediaRESELLER Offer and may expire without notice!  So Signup quick before it's gone forever... As a special, limited time offer, MediaSignage is offering unlimited SignagePlayer Desktop licenses for all existing and new mediaRESELLERs. This offer will allow a mediaRESELLER  to register & use unlimited number of licenses for a single monthly cost of $99.00 per month.

Special limited time mediaRESELLER program:

- signup now and use unlimited SignagePlayer Desktop licenses in all of 2011 (may extend beyond 2011)
- mediaRESELLERs are FREE from paying the monthly $4.95 per license per month
- offer will apply to all current mediaRESELLERs
- offer will apply to new mediaRESELLERs signing up while this special is active
- this special sign-up offer may expire without notice

To lean more go here:

and click on the red [LEARN MORE]

Also, you may signup here:

So signup as a mediaRESLLER and tell your friends about it ( but not your customers  ;) )

The MediaSignage support team

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