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We are super excited to announce the release of mediaCLOUD 4.34 public release

- New World enhanced weather component with 7 days forecast and other weather properties (supports zip code as well as international cities)
- Improved YouTube component to support subscription to channels, random playback and faster load times
- New Digg component with scene item support ( )
- New JSON component that allows JavaScript Object Notation mapping of remote feeds (video tutorial coming soon)
- New Facebook V2 component:
- Added support for mediaDROIDX 32GB caching on Android
- Added new filters / search in StudioPro such as scenes, campaigns, resources and more
- Added Drag and Drop support of resources and scenes between filtered folders
- New and optimized WatchDog for mediaDROIDX and other KitKat based Android players
- Fixed MRSS caching so it auto cycles (in mediaDROIDX saves to 32GB if expanded)
- Fixed bugs in Node Web kit Browser component:
- Improved continuous channel playback so it does not show last frame when transition used
- Added lots of new shared Scenes and pre-made Signage templates
- Added additional privileged keys in Enterprise security model
- Added support for new privileged modules in StudioPro such as channels, timelines and more
- Optimization of Music Player
- Optimization of offline exporter
- New YouTube component with support for channel, popular and categories playback, random playback and more

Download 4.34:

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Feature release road map for 2015
« on: February 25, 2015, 10:01:52 AM »
Latest 2015 Product Roadmap

2015 is shaping up to be another great year. We’ve been extremely busy on several feature and product additions.
In addition, we’ve been working directly with clients on some fairly interesting projects at the close of 2014 and on in to 2015.

As part of our commitment to keep on the industry’s cutting-edge and to stay on top of our client needs, we’re pleased to provide you with an update of our most recent product roadmap and release schedule for the software over the coming months.

As always, this roadmap is subject to change, but we have some exciting features in the hopper.

FasterQueue: seamless integration of Digital Signage and customer line / queue system including queue management, mobile integration and much more.

mediaADNET / Advertising Engine v2: a completely re-factored Ad engine that’s based on HTML5 / run everywhere technology.

mediaTOUCH: a revolutionary approach to Kiosk / Touch with Digital Signage. Easy to use, WYSIWYG, GPU powered, cross OS touch solution, loaded with new components, back end management and much much more.

Google Chromium powered by Node Web Kit inside the SignagePlayer: Allows for bleeding edge development of HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL,  Player side components, cross OS with local caching, cookies, SDK / API with Pepper SDK integration

HTML5 open source components: a slew of new components based on the new Node Web Kit

New mediaPLAYERs: a new family of Atom and X86 based hardware players

TV integration: support for a new family of TV based signage players

Micro enhancements, bug fixes and mini improvements in UX

We’ll continue to keep you apprised of all the latest and greatest features and releases coming your way through 2015.

Announcing the final release 4.32

In this release we have lots of new features that will enhance the way you work with Digital Signage.
We included new ways to manage, import, export and share resources among timelines, channels, campaigns and even accounts.
In this release we included:

- support for both common and global shared resources
- common resources are shared between the entire mediaCLOUD network
- global resources are all resources that are under a Reseller / Enterprise user, allowing enterprise managers to create their own shared repository of scenes and files
- ability of enterprise users to enable / disable access to shared common resources between sub accounts
- import new samples (Dentist, Restaurant menu boards etc) into existing accounts
- copy timelines / channels (pretty much anything) and paste into a completely different business account
- copy anything (such as scenes for example) and paste onto timelines (so no longer have to drag and drop) of any campaign
- added thousands of new scalable, vector based shared resources
- completely re-factored the shared resources module to work and load much faster so it can easily handle thousands of new resources
- enterprise users can view all scenes from all sub accounts in a central location and import into any different account
- multi selection imports and enhanced import tools
- ability to filter Station list
- dozens of new StudioLite templates (all importable now with 4.32)
- smart merging of campaigns (use same Screen type / screen division merged if similar)
- prevent multiple copy of same resource to save storage space
- fixed bug with kiosk mode slowing down player interaction
- fixed bug with campaign with 1 timeline and multiple screen types will play on wrong channel assigned to diff type

how to play with the new release:

1. Download:

2. In the new Studio go to File menu > Library and you will see all the new features

3. To play with the copy / paste between two accounts, simply open two Studios, login to each one as a different user (such as Web and Web or Web and Desktop) and Copy in one and paste to other, pretty much anything.... (channels, files, timelines even campaigns...)

Release 4.30 of SignagePlayer for Windows (native exe)

We are happy to announce the release of SignagePlayer 4.30 native exe for Windows 32/64

With SignagePlayer 4.30 the SignageController is no longer a separate process command, instead it is a DLL that loads into memory every time the SignagePlayer runs.
This allows for quicker communication (or lack of) between the SignageController library and SignagePlayer.

Some of the benefits of the new SignagePlayer native exe include:

. Easy install process
. Support for RemotePad:
. Support for Internet Of Things (IoT):
. Smooth upgrade from one version to the next (no longer using the Adobe AIR runtime)
. Improved communication between SignagePlayer and SignageController (library)
. Improved hiding of Windows Task manager and retrieval when closing the SignagePlayer
. No longer using a .bat file to start the SignageController
. Resolves any racing conditions between SignageController and SignagePlayer
. Retrieve the IP address of remote station from SignageStudio > Stations
. Auto player restart on Desktop resolution changes
. Auto player adjustment in vertical mode
. New built in Socket server on SignagePlayer for RemotePad and IoT (more on IoT to be announced soon)
. RemotePad allows users to control the mouse cursor from a mobile phone so they can play games and interact remotely with a signage screen
. Ability to add native win32 DLL within the SignagePlayer (future release will include native capture device, native resolution manager and more)

To download SignagePlayer 4.30 native visit:

Let us know what new features would you like to see in StudioLite 2.0?

Show us the love! Help translate the SignageStudio to your spoken language.

Check how here:

So what do you guys think of the new Scheduler (grouping sequences)?
I know many of you were requesting enhanced scheduling and wanted to get some feedback.


General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Announcing release 4.20
« on: July 10, 2014, 11:16:54 AM »
We are super excited to announce the beta release of SignageStudio Pro 4.20, SignagePlayer 4.20 and StudioLite 1.0

Release 4.20 includes:
- Proof of display (POD) to allow for certification of screen installation via camera pattern detection
   Video tutorial:

- Enhanced Scheduler to allow the group of timelines using sequences and schedule sequences using date/time/priority
   Video tutorial:

- Integration of StudioLite into the account creation process

- Open source StudioLite 1.0 with over 50+ new features and improvements (

To download 4.20 go to:

To access StudioLite 1.0 go to:

In the following weeks we will post video tutorials and additional info, so stay tuned.
Be sure to report any bugs or issues you may find,

Thank you for your help,

The MediaSignage support team

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Announcing release 4.15
« on: May 21, 2014, 10:35:56 AM »
We are super excited to announce the release of SignageStudio Pro and SignagePlayer version 4.15

In this release we are introducing the long anticipated GPU accelerated transitions.
You can learn more about it here:

We also included the powerful enhancement of continuous channel.
Learn more here:

And last but not least in this release you can easily switch between text label and incorporate transition as well, all thanks to Label Queue.
Learn more here:

And in addition to the above features, we also fixed bugs and enhanced performance throughout the entire platform,

You can download the beta apps from:

SignagePlayer Android:

Thanks you for the support over the years,

The MediaSignage support team.

Open source Digital Signage / Release note (Live document)
« on: February 14, 2014, 10:10:57 AM »
Release 0.8.X is now available:
Download source via GitHub at:

Release notes 0.8 3-26-2014
- Support for Screen Editor
- 5 new Components (Clock, HTML5, Ext Video and more)
- Support for timeline(s) length totals
- Support for component length totals
- Lots of bug fixes and re factoring of Jalapeno

Release notes 0.6 2-14-2014
- Complete new underline framework using Backbone js for a more structured MV* design
- Complete new CSS / HTML framework using Bootstrap js framework (Super light and fast)
- Complete new module loader using require js for quick load times and none linear future loading support
- New responsive layout now supports Desktop / Tablet / Phone modes (powered by Bootstrap)
- Campaign selection now possible from Stations
- Support for Pro and Lite user accounts (ProStudio account limited to Stations module only)
- Merged build on GitHub onto master branch

MediaSignage provides you with the tools necessary to create your very own Digital Signage solution that you can customize, brand and personalize to cater to your company’s needs. Best of all, you can develop against the public mediaCLOUD or against your own private mediaSERVER, so you don't have to bother with server side coding if you don't want to.


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