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- Build change list ( list items contain bug fixes, new features and enhancements ):

4.20.49 new version of StudioLite with support for latest fabric.js framework, centered icons in scene and minor code enhancements
4.20.49 mediaSERVER release 4.20.X private beta completed, baking for release
4.20.49 Bug fixed: StudioWeb when adding twitter feed, crashes...
4.20.49 mediaHBYBRID clients now running on release 4.20.X
4.20.49 Create account text is now localized
4.20.49 Fixed Loading bar is showing everytime the Custom RSS player switches images
4.20.49 Auto rewind option when videos are put in scenes doesn't work in android player (works in 4.12)
4.20.49 Add new scene now selects the new item in the list and scrolls down
4.20.49 Fixed on logout you get a black screen
4.20.49 Fixed complex password cause StudioLite account creation to hang
4.20.37 Signage Controller window doesn't come up when you click on Controller button in SignagePlayer
4.20.37 Licenses in Enterprise Studio gets reset to 1000 overnight
4.20.37 localization error on logout
4.20.37 On create new account registration fails if you scroll fast through all samples
4.20.37 Video on Android showed last frame before restart
4.20.37 Dragging of timeline on scheduler or re-sizing with mouse drops object
4.20.37 Campaigns with many timelines scheduled fails to load
4.20.36 Twitter support for OAuth2 added
4.20.36 Removed SignagePlater test / real modes, support only real mode
4.20.36 Fixed Twitter and now support for OAuth2 added
4.20.36 Improved local selection in SignagePlayer
4.20.36 Fixed Local flags on top of change password
4.20.36 Cleaned StudioPro logout
4.20.36 SignageStudio now called StudioPro
4.20.36 Removed DynaHelp from StudioPro
4.20.36 Localization flags too small on Android registration
4.20.36 Localization flags too small on Android registration
4.20.35 Fixed Android auto rewind
4.20.35 Fixed Bundle error in SignagePlayer local when internet connection is off
4.20.35 Fixed swf playing too fast 48fps
4.20.35 Fixed Mac error on install.sh
4.20.35 Fixed Enterprise Logout error due to localization
4.20.1 Added special UI for users who are willing to enhance their spoken dialect (assist us in fixing language support)
4.20.1  SignageStudio and SignagePlayer now include 41 languages to better support our international user base
4.20.1 Enhanced Scheduler (schedule sequences)
4.20.1 Proof of display
4.20 StudioLite integration
4.12.33 Cleaned UI on Shared resoucres/scenes/Flickr
4.12.33 Added ability to rename components on Scene tree
4.12.33 Added ability to rename components on timeline (such as RSS / QR)
4.12.33 Optimized load time for shared scenes
4.12.33 Optimized load time for shared resources
4.12.33 Cont-S shortcut save in SignageStudio Desktop version
4.12.32 New Chat component
4.12.32 New Remote Value component
4.12.32 New folder and filter management tools
4.12.32 Added ability for Enterprise users to rename sub accounts business name
4.12.32 Added ability for Enterprise users to control [Create new account] for SignageStudio
4.12.32 Added ability for Enterprise users to control number of SignagePlayer licenses per sub account
4.12.30 Added ability to restore archived user accounts
4.12.30 Enhanced Studio multi selection in grids
4.12.30 Enhanced Studio multi drag and drop in grids
4.12.30 Added new remote value set/incr/decr properties for Label component
4.12.30 Added new chat component
4.12.30 Added new countdown component
4.12.30 Set darker color for grid selections
4.12.25 New server side socket and save / load enhancements (increase by 70%+)
4.12.25 Added support for collection with multi delete, multi drag & drop and reorder items via drag & drop
4.12 Android release available with all the updates noted below: http://android.digitalsignage.com
4.12.25 Added new "Countdown" component for Enterprise users (available through mediaSTORE)
4.12.25 Fixed SignagePlayer resources (images / videos) don't work on some Android devices
4.12.25 Fixed SignagePlayer registration adds multiple charcters on some Android devices
4.12.25 Export to offline playback, feature refactored
4.12.25 trying to delete a sub account required upper case letters
4.12.25 Stations list has NaN on STARTED and RUNNING column status
4.12.25 MRSS new / updated list injected into SignageStudio
4.12.25 SignageStudio requires restart on new station registration
4.12.25 SignageStudio does not refresh Stations > Station on register
4.12.25 Fixed mediaSERVER search engine
4.12.25 Mac installation doesn't keep install.sh
4.12.25 Saving studio after enabling proof of play exception
4.12.25 Email Notifications doesn't generate an email when players are offline
4.12.25 can't add items to catalog if you switch to thumbnail view
4.12.25 Unable to load style (Error 2036) error
4.12.25 Rich Text and Label Component on Web preview error
4.12.25 Twitter API changes to comply with API v1.1
4.12.25 Interrupt mode doesn't bring up the assigned timeline
4.12.25 Offline Updater doesn't export properly
4.12.25 Catalog, renaming Categories does not reflect changes until save
4.12 Bug fix: Timeline transition between timelines now supports auto fade
4.12 New Minimalist Weather icons
4.12 New Twitter component 1.1 with support for scenes
4.12 New YouTube 2.0 component with support for "Most viewed", custom list and more
4.11 New RemoteTouch feature
4.11 New Emergency and Alerting feature
4.11 New QR module based on Google's latest open source AS3 zlib

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Release 1.2 is out...
« on: April 04, 2009, 08:56:41 PM »
Release 1.2 is out with:

- Language support (Localization)
- Constraints support in Editors / Designers (Scenes now look in proportion in all resolutions )
- Watchdog support
- Remote reboot and Remote software revision update
- Screen Division display level ordering capabilities
- fixed: video auto-replay feature
- fixed more bugs

What's next:

Build 1.3 is all about bug fixes and optimization.
Our goal is to fix every and any issue so the system is 100% bug free within 60 days.
If you see ANY bug or any issue, PLEASE help us by letting us know how to reproduce the issue.
By May 31st MediaSignage Studio and Player will be ready to exit beta with all issues fixed.

So, if you see ANY bug, Please report to mstech [ a t ] media s i g n ... com

Thanks again for all your support,

David - MediaSignage.com

Digital Signage White Label now released 3-9-2009

Check it out:

Sean - MediaSignage.com

MediaSignage is on Twitter. Add yourself to stay up to date...


We will keep you up to date with everything that's going on...
This includes all minor bug fixes and major releases.


Sean - MediaSignage.com

We want to make sure our system is 100% bug free...

If you find an issue or run into a bug, please email me your login email or business name to:

mstech (a t ) media signage d o t c o m or use the contact page at:


 ( avoiding spam so entered email that way ).

I will login to your account and see how I can help ...


Sean - MediaSignage.com

For those who have been emailing and posting ...
Good news. White label, branding, referral program and reseller support are all in the works.
We hope to release the beta version of this release in release 1.1 which is due sometime in March 2009.

Please email us if you wish to be notified when this is available.


Sean - MediaSignage.com

Hi Guys,

We are adding tutorial videos almost on a daily basis.
So be sure to check them out as it makes learning how to use the system much easier.

Visit here:


Sean - MediaSignage.com

New features and suggestions / Subject: We are ready to release 1.0
« on: January 24, 2009, 08:04:54 AM »
Subject: We are ready to release 1.0

Hi Guys,

Good news... Release 1.0 is almost done and we hope to get it out on Feb 1st, 2009.
We will need your help to try and help us catch those bugs and squash them...


Sean - MediaSignage.com

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / We are ready to release 1.0
« on: January 24, 2009, 08:04:25 AM »
Subject: We are ready to release 1.0

Hi Guys,

Good news... Release 1.0 is almost done and we hope to get it out on Feb 1st, 2009.
We will need your help to try and help us catch those bugs and squash them...


Sean - MediaSignage.com

Enterprise edition, branding and reselling / White Labeling / Branding
« on: January 11, 2009, 08:17:28 AM »
We had a ton of resellers asking for white labeling ( making the application look as if its your own, with your own logo, colors and styles and internal links ) and embedding it as a portal on your own site.

Good news, we are working on this feature and will have it soon after we release 1.0 ( which is due mid Feb ).

LOTS of great stuff is coming soon ...



MediaSignage will begin accepting resellers around April 2009. The reseller program will include white labeling ( branding ) as well as client and Signage player management.
 It’s your business, it’s your solution, we just provide the Digital Signage software.
 MediaSignage Reseller Services provide individuals the opportunity to resell our Digital Signage solution for whatever pricing you see fit. Resellers may acquire customers through their own web site or by physically selling signage services to local businesses.

Resellers can promote additional services including installation, signage presentation design, monthly service contract, verbose customer support and bill each customer accordingly.
 the reseller business model
 Go to local shopping centers and present the signage solution to business owners.
Your signage package can include the complete system including the monitors, PCs, software setup and signage design presentation.

MediaSignage web powered Digital Signage solution is so affordable that it makes your selling strategy flexible so you can accommodate any business. In fact, we have found that most resellers end up managing the complete signage on behalf of the customer. And while we provides a truly inexpensive narrowcasting solution, a reseller may choose to add enhanced services such as content creation and charge higher fees for these service.

The beauty of this business model is that it lets you, the reseller, complete control on how much to charge each one of your customers deepening upon what you are offering. You can count on MediaSignage to continue and provide enhanced Digital Signage services for low cost with high scalability.

And with that in mind, you can build a business plan that has solid foundation. The reseller business model is all about your custom solution and your set price. You may choose to install the particular setup that you see as the best for each client, the type of operating system, LCD monitor brand, signage accessories such as repeaters, splitters and more.

MediaSignage is just one piece of the puzzle; an inexpensive web SaS powered Digital Signage software platform which you can connect the rest of your puzzle pieces with.

 It’s all about branding, personilization and your look and feel
 In our upcoming April release MediaSignage will support branding ( also known as white labeling ).
What this means for you is that you can embed our MediaSignage Studio application, Video support tutorials as well as the AIRPlayer installer on your web site. You can make the MediaSignage application as if it is yours. Set the colors, logos and even external links within the the Studio application. You can control things like the text to display when a user click on Help > About. All this will allow you to custom tailor the application and signage player as if you are the developer and owner of the software.

This powerful concept is what allows you to charge more for your service. In other words, you do not compete with MediaSignage as you take ownership of your own clients, support and application.

Your customer will only be familiar with your Signage solution and as far as they are concerned, they come to your web site in order to login and receive support. Branding allows you to “own” the MediaSignage service and to provide your custom solution to your customers.

MediaSignage does not provide phone support, does not provide technical support and does not provide content creation. This is where you come in. You support your clients and charge them adequately.
 The benefits of becoming a reseller
 Unlimited updates of every release
As a reseller you receive free support from us
Embed the AIRPlayer installation in your web site (Make it look as if its your own)
Embed the WEB Login
Embed the Video Tutorials component in your web site
Sell complete solutions including hardware (PCs, monitors ) and installation fees
Sell additional services to your clients (support, content creation, installation )
You set your own prices and enhanced services offered
Sell Region Ads inside the Signage presentation
Control the colors, logos and external links within the Studio application
Get a link from us as a official reseller
 reseller requirements
- Have 3 or more accounts associated with your user name
- Provide us with the required info per associated account including user and password
- Have a legitimate web site with with the embedded components

Have questions about the WEB or AIR Players ? Let us know ...
thanks in advance.


Hi Guys,

We are opening the doors on Oct 13th and we need your feedback, bug reports and suggestions.
So please ... post here.

We are monitoring this forum every day and we will reply to any and all comments, good and bad.



MediaSignage Admin

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