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mediaPLAYERS, Hardware and accessories / Android player bug - serious!
« on: March 27, 2013, 04:12:36 PM »
We have the simplest of timelines on a fullscreen (one screen division) layout. Its simply 45 seconds of the 'GoPro test video clip' followed by a 15 second jpg still.

It has worked fine for a while, but now the player is simply playing back a loop of the video, ignoring the jpg still. Quality is fine, theres no black screens or buffering attempts - just the player ignores the timeline.

Anyone seen this, and any ideas?

mediaPLAYERS, Hardware and accessories / Portrait screen in Android
« on: March 27, 2013, 03:05:57 PM »
Anyone achieved this on their own players? What software / settings did you use?I know I could buy MediaDroid, but a) its 3000 miles away and b) paying $300 for a $89 box does grate a bit! :-\

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Android player success
« on: March 19, 2013, 08:31:09 AM »
I'm quick enough to complain when it's broken, so only fair I praise when it isn't! Installed our first Android client today, and despite an initial hiccup (player currently doesn't work on 4.2 releases) it was working fine in literally a minute on a 4.1 unit. Usual caching stuff first time round, but then - it just works! We now have the potential for client hardware sub $50, with no Microsoft tax. Opens up all sorts of new markets! Well done guys (and well done online support in helping with the 4.2 issue).

mediaPLAYERS, Hardware and accessories / Odroid U2
« on: February 27, 2013, 07:56:44 AM »
Anyone got any thoughts or experiences on using one of these as a reasonable meaty Android client?

mediaPLAYERS, Hardware and accessories / MediaBox-200 V2
« on: January 08, 2013, 11:06:35 AM »
Anyone out there tried one of these? I'm assuming the 'chosen few' have had them in their hands for a few months if this is now a release product. It seems to be an Intel NUC unit with MediaSignage adding the memory and SSD (along with Win 7 embedded). The raw barebone unit in the UK is around $300 (equivelent) so you are effectively paying $250 for memory, SSD, Win 7 licence and the all important integration. Seems like a reasonable deal to me (maybe a $100-120 premium on the parts alone cost?)

I'd love to see some videos of one of these playing out to TWO screens with multiple regions on each, including video and some scrollers - if it does what it says on the tin then they really do seem great value!

Have completed and put live another MS installation today - thought it might be useful to share some experiences with anyone/ everyone. Yours comments very much welcome.

The venue is an existing leisure centre, built around 30 years ago. It has 20+ large flat screen  TVs dotted around the building in bar and cafe areas, which until now had been playing the dreaded 'TV with the sound turned down'. The venue has its own remote computer played out audio channel, installed recently and through independent speakers. The cabling to the TVs is just an aerial distribution, so we had to use a composite video output (generated from the native HDMI 720p playout) from our playout PC (HP Microserver - cant beat them!) followed by an RF modulator. The picture quality is not great, but relative to what they are used to, its acceptable. Rewiring isnt an option, due to the age and construction of the building.

Our connection back to the Internet is just the buildings standard broadband. The PC is in a back office, location dictated by the TV cabling. We run Logmein on the playout PC, but all is stable so far. We have tried using the MS Studio 'stations' page as a kind of health dashboard, but after a while it fails to update - so we either have machines showing online that aren't, or vice versa. Logmein at least shows if the PC is still up. We also have an IP webcam in one area, that is a useful 'traffic monitor' to show advertisers how busy the venue is, and shows us that the screens are live and OK.

The content is re-purposed from printed materials - we take the venues quarterly marketing brochure in Illustrator format, and produce stills and animations from it without substantial redesign. There are additional 'channel branding' graphics that we use across all out screens (including non MS ones) that we intersperse. In addition, we have some third party ads that are played out from local businesses that ultimately will fund the installation (remember we didnt pay for the screens, and the content creation is quite trivial).

All working well to date  - the main issue is with readability of the content on poor quality screens - colour choices are critical and the amount of underscan on the screens varies. We aim to add some new screens soon that will be fed direct with HDMI at 720p, hopefully that may encourage some thoughts on upgrades elsewhere!

All in all very happy. The software is still quite limited in many respects (timed playout of ads being one obvious one) but it is stable and didn't require a big upfront investment. For speculative ad funded locations it is ideal, but we still use other software for locations where the customer is paying us (typically $3000) for a complete system with artwork design.

What would we like to see next? A status page for screens that works and can be relied on. Timelines with start and stop dates and times. Real full 'unbranding'.

Your thoughts and questions welcome!

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / 4.0.90 broken as well! [FIXED]
« on: October 20, 2012, 03:59:02 AM »
Player upgraded manually to 4.0.90 (ie person sat at pc did it). Played fine for a few hours.  Display is a simple slideshow - no flash, no video, nothing clever.

In a loop, we see the player (4.0.90) start up, with the status screen showing server connected and controller running. The first slide appears (scheduled for 10 seconds) but within a second the player stops running and the screen goes back to the windows desktop, then the player restarts (possibly from the controller - cant tell). This happens in a loop forever.

Previous to this the system was observefd working for a few hours fine. No content changes, no connections from studio. Network fine, pc installs seems fine.


Hi, We have a remotely situated player, running 4.0.x that has run unattended for around 4 months - memory use stable, no reboots. Very happy with its performance. We yesterday updated the studio that controls it to 4.0.80 and within 2 hours the previously stable player reported as offline. Updating the studio this morning to 4.0.88 has not changed that. The player is remote (as in no-one sitting next to it!) so cannot check immediately whether it truly has died or not. 

Anyone else seen this or have any ideas? Stupidly not running logmein or anything so cannot see remotely.

SignageStudio / Campaign start and stop dates
« on: July 19, 2012, 04:56:07 PM »
Clearly a major selling point in DS is 'up to the minute information'. We need to be able to add (and remove) time sensitive information within campaigns - ie "come to tonights party' drops off after the party (I dont work Sundays !!) or "foam party tomorrow" will start being played on date xyz 24 hours before the event.

I'm sorry if I'm missing it somewhere obvious but how do we achieve this? (eg by means of campaign? timeline? sequence?)


Desktop studio, version 3.0.1110, under win 7.

Player PC, has same player version - except it isnt running. No mediasignage process running, nothing.

BUT studio shows it clearly as 'connected' and even has a 'last update' count running and resetting.

Impossible surely???


I have a player (newly installed Win 7 PC, running player 4.0.12) connected to a standard ADSL Internet line and running a simple loop. Due to be installed at a demo site today for our potentially biggest customer yet.

The Signage studio for the last two days has connected and communicated fine with it both from a PC on the same network (via a switch - elsewhere in the same building) and also across town from our office. Studio (4.0.15, default download from the mediasignage site, or 4.0.12 I had on the PC) have been showing controller 'running' and connection 'green' for days without issue. Loop has run fine 24/7, no memory leaks etc, no restarts.

A few hours ago on my most recent login to the studio its now 'red' and 'not running' from Signage Studio, and of course I cannot connect to the player.

HOWEVER the player is actually alive and well and will playing its loop. Its pingable from elsewhere on the network, and with a keyboard connected to it I can go to the controller on that PC which shows running and connected to the server! I can ping (for example) from the machine also.

So, we have a player that's Internet connected and thinks its connected to the MediaSignage server, and the MediaSignage server not seeing it as connected. Software bug on the server, or have I missed something? :-[

I could reboot the player manually (as I'm now sat next to it) but I need to know what went wrong before I deploy this at a client, ideally later today!!

Thanks in advance for any ideas, suggestions, etc. (Account 315089 if that helps mr admin!)

The one downside of MediaSignage's great pricing is letting resellers make a reasonable profit. The 'normal' reseller route is that the reseller gets a cut of the 'retail' price of the software. Clearly with MediaSignage low pricing there's not a lot of cake to slice in the first place, so the ONLY option for a reseller to make money is to charge more for the software, as part of a solution as a whole (design, hardware, content, install etc).

I still dont want my customers knowing "you just bought this in for $5 - why are you charging me $xxxx".

Like I guess hundreds of other potential customers I'm looking for a true white label - like the hardware you buy from the Far East, like all the online backup resellers etc etc. I cant risk investing thousands of dollars (well pounds actually, but same difference) in getting a system in a small chain somewhere, then have to have the "but you only paid $5" conversation... there goes my reputation and referrals!

Thoughts anyone?

Report bugs and errors / playback issues
« on: April 23, 2009, 01:30:18 AM »
I have my first station set-up, using the default 'healthcare' content unaltered. The content played fine in the web preview, but does not play the stock or weather swf/ rss items  in the downloaded airplayer - it just shows 'no scene assigned' top right, and is blank where the horizontal scroller should be at the bottom. The station is synchronised ok (as far as i can tell) and i can see the missing items on the timeline in the editor. I have tried logging in/out, rebooting etc?

Report bugs and errors / Editor doesnt show... editor!
« on: April 22, 2009, 06:44:18 AM »
I have just signed up for your system, and as a reseller as well. My initial problem is that when the desktop or web editor loads, the only options I see top left are 'customers' and 'white label'. I have none of the options to add screens etc shown in the videos and thus no way of moving forward. Have I screwed things up by signing up as a reseller first before getting the system working? How do I recover from here- I tried to re-install desktop editor (to sign up as non reseller under different name) but the system signs me straight in!

Thanks in advance.

SignagePlayer / Linux player stability
« on: April 20, 2009, 07:17:38 AM »
Any thoughts from users (or the developers) on the stability of the linux airplayer, based on the 'beta' status of the underlying Adobe code. Is it good to use, maybe with an overnight restart, or 'a bit iffy' or 'just play with it for now' - the savign in a windows licence could be a decising factor in a system we have had on the back burner waiting for a system like this (if its stable !!). Thanks in advance. 8)

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