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Anyone? Is no-one using Android at all?

Is the freezing a limitation of the hardware device or is it because of the software.
Well clearly I'd love to know that. I'm testing some other Android signage apps with the same content on the same device to see where I get with it. The device seems OK in everyday usage - but thats not as intense and as long term as a 24/7 signage app. I seem to get longer between crashes with 'simple' jpg stills than video - but its still not 100% solid.

Bribe the caretaker to switch it on and off worked for us more than once- does that count as a simple solution?

I'm seeing that too on what was to be my new 'standard' player unit - a fairly plain Cortex A9 box with the usual Mali graphics. Looping a 480p test clip (supplied by MS) it is repeatedly dying after around an hour or so - far too often to be usable. My PC clients stay up for months at a time (but cost 8 times as much) - the power cuts always get them first before any software issues.

I'm not specifically blaming MS coding - it may well be underlying Android issues or even the hardware, but its not a usuable solution right now. Other companies have (paid for, maybe not as flexible) but working Android solutions, so it must be possible.... ?

2 screens side by side isnt such a big deal - the PC I am typing this on has 2 Dell 24" screens each 1920 x 1200, and when I run Signage player on it, it defaults to stretching the content over both even on an ancient dual head card.... but ....

As ever it depends on the content  - a series of JPG stills is a world away from superwide true HD video at 30fps. Bearing in mind MediaSignage suggests you actually use 480p material for 'HD', prepare to be a little underwhelmed - the whole Adobe Air basis for the app isn't the most efficient use of your hardware, and you are definitely a lot higher end than where I image they thought their 'free' software would be used!

mediaPLAYERS, Hardware and accessories / Android player bug - serious!
« on: March 27, 2013, 04:12:36 PM »
We have the simplest of timelines on a fullscreen (one screen division) layout. Its simply 45 seconds of the 'GoPro test video clip' followed by a 15 second jpg still.

It has worked fine for a while, but now the player is simply playing back a loop of the video, ignoring the jpg still. Quality is fine, theres no black screens or buffering attempts - just the player ignores the timeline.

Anyone seen this, and any ideas?

There's a threat elsewhere about controlling screens with RS232 where I contributed that we use an ethernet connected box to forcibly power cycle - problem is they cost more than the average Android player ($60-80!)

I have no idea if Android offers explicit access to controlling those signals at an API level. A quick Google doesn't bring up any apps that seek to do that, so with 300,000 apps out there that cover just about everything else, I'm guessing its not trivial. It is neat when it works though - first time our test 40" screen 'magically' came on when we booted a test player was spooky!

mediaPLAYERS, Hardware and accessories / Portrait screen in Android
« on: March 27, 2013, 03:05:57 PM »
Anyone achieved this on their own players? What software / settings did you use?I know I could buy MediaDroid, but a) its 3000 miles away and b) paying $300 for a $89 box does grate a bit! :-\

I'm not sure how you would output 9 HDMI feeds from one PC - regardless of your budget. Whilst I have never tried it (or had the budget) I think it is rather out of (free) MediSignage's league to be powering 9 video outputs simultaneously - even if it is technically possible. 

Frankly if you have the budget for 9 commercial zero bezel screens and the monster PC to drive it, you probably need to notch up the budget a little more and pay for the software side too!

SignagePlayer / Re: MediaDroid APK on 3rd party droid stick
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:06:02 AM »
Please, is it not possible to download the signage controller for the android, as for the windows version?

I'd love to know that too. Let's be honest - the Droids are just normal Android sticks, they aren't manufactured just for MediaSignage! Maybe some sort of premium subscription to use it if its purely a financial thing? There are all sorts of reasons why you wouldn't want to use the MediaDroid, but want a robust Android solution (wired Ethernet, local availability etc).

Essentially Mediasignage is just another Windows app running ob a PC, so something external running on the PC should control the monitor using HDMI-CEC. My little laptop turns my home TV on and off fine - but havent tried any MS integration myself like that. I would be scared it would vary by screen too much.

I can confirm my Nexus 7 doesnt work mith Mediasignage, who acknowledge the problem but dont yet have a time to fix. Works fine on various devices with older versions.

Just to be clear you are running a single video feed (presumably DVI / HDMI) from this box then using the video wall hardware to split it for each screen?

If so then the machine need be no more powerful then if it were outputting one feed for a standard HD TV. Obviously the onscreen resolution will be much reduced across 3x3 screens, but thats the same no matter what the software solution.

Are you (or your client) sure that 9 separate screen outputs, each showing something different, wouldnt look more visually impressive, TV new studio backdrop style?

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Android player success
« on: March 19, 2013, 08:31:09 AM »
I'm quick enough to complain when it's broken, so only fair I praise when it isn't! Installed our first Android client today, and despite an initial hiccup (player currently doesn't work on 4.2 releases) it was working fine in literally a minute on a 4.1 unit. Usual caching stuff first time round, but then - it just works! We now have the potential for client hardware sub $50, with no Microsoft tax. Opens up all sorts of new markets! Well done guys (and well done online support in helping with the 4.2 issue).

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