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Allow timeline to simply display contents of resources folder.  We already have folders, why not have a feature where the timeline will simply play all items in that folder.  Then basic campaigns could be managed by simply adding and removing from that folder.   It seems redundant to have to add the resources only to have to then add them to the timeline, never mind keeping track of which ones you want to delete later on.

I have several setups consisting of a windows device with dual screen outputs driving 2 vertical 60 screens.  I have it setup as 2160x1920 with 2 screen divisions split right down the middle.  On the old signage player (6.2.22) everything was working great.  I tried to upgrade these to the new player and now the second screen will not display correctly... It seems to show up behind the primary left screen even though the divisions are correct.  It worked initially but then as soon as I rebooted the computer to make sure the watchdog would function correctly it would start doing the right screen behind the left screen thing.  Basically i can see a sliver of the screen but it won't properly fill the two screens as designated.    I went back to the old player, changed nothing else, and it works fine now.  Anyone else seeing this?  Is it a bug or is there something additional I need to do with the new player?  Thanks!!!

SignageStudio / Re: Looping Video glitches
« on: May 02, 2019, 02:58:41 PM »
Change your channel to a common channel and it won't do that.  It drops out because the timeline has finished and it has to load the next timeline, even if you don't have any additional timelines.  I had the same problem and started using common channels instead of local channels.  Now it loops smoothly based on my content instead of based on running a timeline out endlessly.
If you do have more timelines and you don't want that element on the other timelines simply disassociate them from the screen and add channels as necessary to populate the content.  It's a workaround but it does work.

New features and suggestions / Granular Sharing
« on: May 02, 2019, 02:53:54 PM »
I would really like to be able to offer granular sharing on resources... maybe a checkbox on the resource that makes it shareable across our businesses.  The all or nothing option leaves a little to be desired.  My only way to work around is to create a "Business" strictly for the purpose of sharing resources.  Hopefully this makes sense.

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