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I run my players at retail locations and they were constantly locking up.  I tried everything from swapping players, to changing content size, length, and quantity.  Nothing seemed to work.  I had to go to every location every day to manually restart players.  Then I measured voltage on all my computer USB ports at 5.13 volts, and measured voltage on the plug-in power supply that comes with the small Android player at 5.6 volts.  I have not measured voltage on my TV USB port.  I run the players on LED screens.  I installed a Meanwell 5 volt adjustable output power supply and installed it, then adjusted voltage up to 5.6 volts.  Since then, no issues.  It's a bummer that the Android players won't run consistently off USB ports.  They need to be plugged in or put on a separate power supply if you have any less than 5.6 volts. ;)

SignageStudio / Zoom to 500% Preview... Please Please Please
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:29:32 AM »
I really need the zoom feature for previewing ads, to zoom to 500% +/- so that I can preview my low res LED screen ads.  Otherwise your software is perfect for both my LCD and LED projects.  We are rolling out both LED and LCD.


New features and suggestions / Re: LED Screens Easy Fix
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:12:12 AM »
Actually - all I need to run lower resolution LEDs is capability to view and preview at about a 500% zoom in or enlargement.  I can map a section of a pre-defined screen size with my actual smaller LED sign resolution - but I desperately need the capability to zoom in so I can actually see the preview of the lower res. screen.  Otherwise it's TINY onscreen.  Really appreciate it if you could add up to 500% zoom even if the preview looks pixelated.

Thanks,  Steve

New features and suggestions / LED Screens Easy Fix
« on: January 21, 2013, 05:17:55 AM »
We run LED screens and LCD screens.

You are just a tiny programming step away from enabling a HUGE element and market - allowing lower resolution LED screens to be utilized within your offerings similar to rise displays enabling ticker LEDs.

1.  Simply program choices for lower resolution screens (very simple).  Typical LEDs are divisible in 8 pixel increments.  If not 32 pixel increments will work fine.  For example 32 pixels high x 192 pixels wide.

2.  You already allow programming to view screen layouts in enlarged or zoom-in preview mode.  With lower resolution, you simply need to allow enlarging to maybe 400%.  Lower resolution screens are too small to see reasonably when previewed.

If you do these to simple things, you enable most LED screens to be utilized within you system.  There are already so many other options out there capable of these two simple features - but I want to you use your system (one system) for both types of screens.  If you will do this simple update, and it will likely provide you with MANY new customers, I will purchase your enterprise package so that I can use your one all-encompassing program for all displays.

Thanks - Steve FDLED

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