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Report bugs and errors / flv's not loading completely!
« on: December 12, 2012, 01:40:28 PM »
In loading a 32 minute campaign the video files are not completely loading.  If I load 27 video files, at least 3 fail in each location. It is not the same video in each location either. In order to pinpoint which files fail to upload from server to media player we have turned off the replay and the screen sticks on the final image it loaded of that video.  I have resorted to breaking down all videos to less than 75 seconds and converting to flvs.  Clearing the cache doesn't help because when it reloads, another flv file will not load completely!  I have tried re-encoding the video thinking there was a "glitch" of some sort, that doesn't help.  Deleting the video from the resources and Campaign and reloading takes too much time as I have to go individually to each Station and reload.  HELP!

New features and suggestions / Power Saving & Reboot w/ Monitors
« on: December 12, 2012, 01:21:47 PM »
An Issue we are facing is that we need to set the monitor to turn on before the reboot or we get a 1/4 screen in the upper left hand corner.  If we could schedule the reboot each day instead of one time every day, we can control the on off time with just the power saver on monitors.  We have monitors in store fronts that have different open times and they have a fit if they walk in and the monitor is already playing!  I have chatted with support and this is a known problem.  I have checked this out with other media software and the problem doesn't seem to exist.  The screen should not need to be on in order to reboot.

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