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SignageStudio / How do I do a range delete in Resources?
« on: May 17, 2013, 03:37:45 PM »
I have attempted to select and then delete a range of photos in Resources.  Please don't tell me that I have to delete them one at a time!   :(   I have Signage Studio version 4.11.27

I have two Campaigns that are constructed identically with a Custom RSS feed over a jpeg background.  One plays perfectly and the other seems to have problems with the alpha in the RSS Custom feed so that it appears to play as a black screen, although I can faintly see the RSS text running.  The ONLY difference that I can detect is that the screen sizes are different to accomodate two different TV screens.  The one that plays OK is 720x1080 and the one that doesn't play correctly is 1920x1080.

I have checked each of the RSS Custom feeds in the campaign and they show with a functioning alpha channel. The jpeg backgrounds show correctly too.

What could be happening?  Any trouble shooting ideas?

I've used the RSS Feed Component to create a Scene and would like to be able to have a "page by page" display instead of a vertical scroll.  Is that possible and if so, how?


I have created a Scene using the RSS Feed Component and set up a horizontal scroll.  I have a Viewer size of 1024x100 to have the scroll run across the bottom of the screen.  I got the text to start off screen to the right by inputting 1030 into the X coordinate field, but can't figure out how to get the text to scroll right across the screen.  I couldn't find anything in the video tutorials that described how to do this in detail.

Here is the screen: http://business.sridge.com/WebService/SignagePlayerApp.html?eri=fdbeff6f6372c8f1cc9b114b26950a11ca2f16&playerParams=117998768814050f9ab8a935efc8077c97d3d8

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