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SignageStudio / Making and interactive campaign
« on: July 29, 2014, 01:11:06 AM »
Hi everyone

I watched the video tutorial explaining kiosk mode. Loading a kiosk module etc. I dont think that is what we need. What we basically need is, we run simple campaigns using one screen division (fullscreen) with few images and some videos. ITs working fine, but we are going to implement tablets as category displays. What we want is that while campaign is running, we set images to stay for 10 sec and move to the next one. Is it possible to do interactive component so that customer can swipe images and/or videos on their own using touchscreen, and when they are not doing that, the campaign can continue to run on its own?

thanks in advance

We have a three Full HD Tv-s next to each other in one store. We are considering a solution of running all three displays using only one hardware. At the moment we are using Intel NUC as our hardware solution for digital signage, and its working very well with signage player software per one screen.

Since i can not post external links. model of our hardware is: INTEL NUC DN2820FYKH

Since this hardware only has one HDMI slot, we thought of getting a 3 input HDMI splitter. Our goal is to make a huge display out of three tvs, do a campaign which will run on each screen separetely (i thought maybe of making a screen division with three channels, each to fit on fullscreen of tv, and at some point play a video which will run across all three screens as a mini video wall.

Now what i do want to know is, what resolution of my screen division would be? 3 times 1920 and one time 1080? And is this even possible, with this hardware?

thanks in advance

Hi everyone

we are implementing so called small screens (although 19'' is not that small) in the QSR, so im wondering if someone experienced would recommend a good 19'' model. what to pay attention to, view angle, available ports etc.


SignageStudio / Audience measurement software with signage studio
« on: July 06, 2014, 10:59:55 AM »
Im wondering if audience measurement software can be implemented in signage studio? Im thinking of Intel AIM or Quividi software

thanks in advance

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