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Having a problem with the AverTV Capture being too quiet - especially against other content in a campaign (TVC's etc).

No helpful support from either Media Signage or AverMedia stating that the volume is what it is - its being captured etc

Does anyone have an alternative solution to Avermedia - I have been looking at Black Magic Shuttles... maybe something similar - Must be HDMI... but could convert to component.


Features such as your AdEngine / MediaAdNet that arent available - remove then from your website so people like myself arent tricked into purchasing servers/ licences and players with the impression these services will be available.

Please can a change be made to display the current timeline being played that is scheduled in a campaign. At the moment there is no way of knowing which timeline is being played other than to take a snapshot or view the player.


We have purchased two servers and multiple players/ licences with the hope of eventually utilisting the Ad Engine / MediaAdNet functions you advertise on your site. After speaking with support to try and find further documentation on setup i am told this function is not available and had been turned off about a year ago!!!!

1) why are you still advertising what is a key part to your software on your site if it is not available
2) why wasnt i informed that this service wasnt available!

i feel cheated and if i would have known i would have purchased a solution from another Digital Signage company... Angry and disappointed is an understatement!

Others be aware

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