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SignageStudio / Station live snapshot
« on: November 12, 2013, 11:32:14 PM »
Hi, is there a way to get snapshots from all connected dispalys? I only get screenshots from the primary screen.



New features and suggestions / Kiosk mode - html5 component
« on: October 09, 2013, 09:05:31 AM »
We tryed to use the html5 component for the kiosk mode. It would be a great optimization that you can use scrolling up and down on websites. So we can save a lot of time for using the mobile websites of our clients for kiosk mode. Is this function on the roadmap?

It would be useful, to use the remotetouch instead of touchscreen systems. So it's possible to interact with websites through display windows. Sometimes there is the problem that our clients have double glazing display windows and our touch transparency film only works with normal glas.

SignagePlayer / Performance of the Signage Player
« on: February 27, 2013, 02:16:34 AM »
Hi, we have problems with the performance of video files. Normally we use adobe media encoder. We also tried the freemake video converter. The files are flv .h264. The filesize is about 8MB.

The player software is 4.10.20. The campaing has a resolution of 3840x720 (three Displays). The Workstation is a HP Z220 with Core I7 3770@4 x 3,4GHz, 8GB DDR 3 Ram, 1TB HDD, Matrox M9140 LP graphiccard for up to 8 display and windows 7 64Bit. During the presentation our cpu use is from 8 to 16% and only 4 of 8 cores are needed.

We also see the problem at our normal stations. If we try to play content on two screens with a resolution of 2732x768. Working System is a Fujitsu Esprimo Q510, Intel Core I5 2x2,9GHz. 2GB DDR 3 Rm, 500GB HDD, Windows 7 64Bit and player software 4.10.20. The cpu use is from 60 to 80%.

What can we do? We tried different encoding software, changed framerate, bitrate and low quality settings.   

Please help.

Best regards!

Thank you

Report bugs and errors / Signage Player - Presentation freeze
« on: February 13, 2013, 04:42:07 AM »
Hi we have sometimes the problem, that signage player don't play the videos. There are two reasons. The first one is that immediately after starting the presentation the signage player shows only a black screen. The second one is, that der presentation is running one loop and than it freeze at the last picture. To solve the problem we can restart the player or clear the cache. The problem is, that this failure is comming once again.

We use Windows 7 64Bit with latest updates. The problem happens on the signage player versions (4.0.90 / 4.0.100 / 4.10.20). We never had this problem with 3.2. We also cleared the caches manually on the machines by deleting the cache directory an register the machine new to the network.

Cause of this problem we have to check our stations every day manually.

Thanks for reply!

Best regards!


Hi, I use the interrupt mode. If the signage player goes back to the signage presentation so the mouse cursor is shown. Is there a way to hide it?

Best regards!


Report bugs and errors / Stations are not connected to the signage studio
« on: January 29, 2013, 12:56:51 AM »
Hi there is a big problem since yesterday. Many of my stations are not connected to the signage studio. I checked my stations remote with vpn and if I open the signage player control panel, I see that the station should be connected. Is there a serverproblem at the moment or what can I do?

Best Regards!


New features and suggestions / Integrate Mobile Websites for Kiosk Mode
« on: January 28, 2013, 08:52:13 AM »
Hi, it would be great, if it is possible to integrate mobile websites to the kiosk mode with the html component. It would be a great expansion for the system. So the customers don't have to create special swf applications for the kiosk mode. Touch screen should be fully supported. (left click, right click, zoom, scroll and so on)

We tryed to use a html mobile page and it nearly works. The page is correctly displayed and the left mouse button works. But there is no way to scroll. So if you try to scroll you always mark the content. The next problem is, if the station goes back to the presentation (interrupt mode), you can see the mouse cursor.   


best regards


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