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New features and suggestions / Display Campaign Alphabetical Order
« on: August 16, 2019, 05:04:40 AM »
Please consider displaying lists of things like Campaigns, Stations, Resources, Scene Editor, etc. in alphabetical order.  Having them in some random order (last created?) just adds to the perceived complexity of the software.  It also makes it harder for new users to learn the software.

As an example, here are the names of our Campaigns and the order in which they are displayed.

- Cmpgn - Primary
- Sandbox
- Cmpgn - Adm.
- Cmpgn - Secondary
- Cmpgn - Adm. - RSS
- 3Div Cmpgn - Primary
- 3Div Cmpgn - Secondar

Thank you for your consideration.

SignageStudio / Google Calendar - Limiting Display by Time/Date.
« on: May 08, 2019, 09:23:57 PM »

We're running signage studio 6.2.22.  We're using a Google Calendar component and have it linked to show only the calendar appointments that occur that day.  It doesn't show the appointments for the day before or the day after.

Our question:  Is there a way to set it up so that it doesn't display calendar appointments that have occurred in the past.  For example, if my calendar appointment is from 10:00 am to 10:30 am, and the current time is 10:20 am, I want the calendar appointment to appear on our sign.  If the current time is 11:00 am, I want the calendar appointment to not show up on our sign.

Thank you for your assistance.

P.S. Our calendar appointment is at the top of the screen in this image.  Sorry for the size of the image, I don't know how to make it smaller on this forum.

Our screens are split up into different sections, and we have specific transitions for each one (different from overall campaign).

When we view the campaign on the desktop in preview mode, the transitions are there and work correctly. However, when we assign the campaign to the actual screen, the transitions no longer show up. Instead it's just this abrupt change from slide to slide.

Anybody else having this issue or know how to resolve it? Hopefully it's just a simple setting that was left unchecked?

SignageStudio / Current temperature isn't correct
« on: July 10, 2018, 05:58:09 AM »
We've been using the weather component for a while, and it's usually been correct. Lately, we've noticed that the current temperature is always off (sometimes by a lot).

We used to have the regular Weather component, but now we are using the World Weather component.

Anybody else having this problem?

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