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SignageStudio / Ad Stats tab won't show up
« on: August 14, 2015, 09:20:03 AM »
I have uploaded to my server all the files from https://github.com/born2net/signagestudio_web-lite

It loads everything ok, but when I change in Settings the Ad Stats to ON, the Ad Stats tab on the left side it won’t show. Changing Ad Stats to ON, it doesn’t work.

If I go to
and login with my username, turning on the Ad Stats works just fine.

Do I need to change something into the github code to make Ad Stats work?

Thanks for the help.


We would like to test the mediaDROID-150 android device ,  how much time will take to delivery to Spain ,Madrid ?

Another thing if we like the device , and want 400 units how much will cost ?


Report bugs and errors / StudioLite Snapshot bug ?...
« on: February 11, 2015, 01:02:50 AM »
Hi ,

I don't know if is only me but i have an issue with sutdiolite when I try to take snapshot on a station.
The problem is, When I press to take a snapshot is not showing nothing ... after many tries finally is showing the snapshot.

But never at the first try, always at the second , third or more.

pd: I have verry good connection with the station.


Until now I used NEO X7 MINIX.  it works  but the campagins have to be very simple,small and with a resolution of 720 for fluid content.

Now I want to buy a new version  NEO X8-H Plus Android TV Box   but there is something on the official website that is says:

 *Please note that since the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat OS Google have dropped all support for Adobe Flash Player, therefore the NEO X8-H Plus does not natively support Adobe Flash Player.
**The NEO X8-H Plus only supports standard definition Netflix. Netflix 1080p HD and 4K UHD resolution are not available on any MINIX NEO Series devices.

My question is: If I buy it, will work with signageplayer ?

Open source Digital Signage / Custom features how much will cost?
« on: January 16, 2015, 06:13:48 AM »

I need some custom features for our business. And is urgent for us to continue providing the service we do.

I will like to know how much time and price for the dustomizations we need.

We need customisations based on studiolite almost.. but there are some other that maybe touch the core of the platform.

An email where can I ask all this customisation in more details ?

New features and suggestions / Station Scheduller
« on: January 14, 2015, 08:59:41 AM »

I think this would be a nice feature to see.

A station scheduller.

Select Stations and then schedulle when to play a campaign.

Why this you asking? well see below the example.

Right now we can create a campaign and schedulle to play some day of the week and then you need to asign that campaign to a station. example ALFA. but this is affecting all stations who want to play the same campaign but in diferent days.

Station ALFA want to play the campaign Z only weekends.
Station BETA wants to play the campaign Z only MONDAYS.
Station CHARLIE wants to play the campaign Z all days but only mornings.

The interface of this could be like this. (example)

Select Station ALFA, then pops up a big Calendar with days of the month. and on the right you could have the campaigns already created and just drag the campaign on the calendar to the days you wish. This will be affected only to that specific station.
Also the menu could have options to select specific hours.



There are few differences when change campaign from pro and lite.

PRO: we have campaign A loaded and running, now change to campaign B instantly load the campaign. with less than 5 sec. (if campaign B is already downloaded)

LITE: we have campaign A loaded and running , now change to campaign B , well this this is restarting the signage player with no reason, and then load the campaign B (all this proces sometimes it takes like 3-4 min.)

On Lite I will like to only change the campaign and not to restart the signage player.

Can be reviewed please? 

Enterprise edition, branding and reselling / StudioLite loggin problem.
« on: January 10, 2015, 04:15:14 AM »

I don't know why but my customized StudioLite is not working I have always the same problem for loggin.

Sorry but the user or password did not match?!?!

I downloaded again from github the latest version installed again on my server and nothing.. still having the same problem..

The interesting point is if I try to loggin from official studiolite is working , but from my server no.

I'm missing something ? there is a new setting I have to change ?

Report bugs and errors / share campaigns between studio lite or studiopro
« on: January 07, 2015, 07:48:54 AM »

How can I share campaigns between studiolite and studiopro?

We need to upload videos from studioPro to all accounts created in studiolite. (if we try from studiopro always is asking me to convert to studiopro , we don't want to, we need to use studiolite also.

So right now to share campaigns etc from account studio pro to another account studiopro is possible with the last update.
But if we want to share campaign from account studiopro to account studioLite   is not possible
Also from studiolite to another studiolite account is not possible the campaign sharing.

Report bugs and errors / Multiple accounts bug
« on: January 07, 2015, 01:04:32 AM »

I have StudioPro and I created like 150 StudioLite accounts.

- Everytime I open an account from studioPro (automatically is closed, and I don't want that because I still need to work with prostudio.)
- Another thing if I open multiple accounts (maxim 2 for me) the 3rd account I try to open is not loading nothing the program is stay in blank.

And yet always is asking me if I want to go for studiolite or convert to studiopro.

I just need both. StudioPRO for the administrators and studiolite for the clients.

SignageStudio / Convert to studio Pro message
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:39:51 AM »

With my client I have to use both Studio Lite and Studio Pro.

The thing is, the client  want to use Ipads for administration.
It will be nice to have native app ".ipa" to administrate from ipad. So to make my client happy I make this provisional solution.

We make this decision based on requeriments our client needs.
- View all stations of his region in ipad.
- Ability to change campaigns (just selecting from already created by us)
- Ability to schedule campaigns (days, hours etc.)
- View how much time is viewed a campaign.

We build an app.ipa (webview) and we redirected to our website StudioLite modified (with our logo)  now they can enter and change campaigns if they want from ipad.
(we need some more features but at least is something)

The problem is for us, we want to use Studio Pro to adminsitrate and manage it because have more features and is more intuitive. for example in StudioPro when upload a resource always it's shows me this message:

Would you like to convert your StudioLite account to StudioPro account? Please note that this can't be undone.

So starting from 2015 we want to know how we can administrate everything. is this the good way ?
Can you guys suggest my ideeas.

More details for what i'm looking : http://script.digitalsignage.com/forum/index.php/topic,4890.msg14293.html#msg14293



Let's make this Digital Signage the best of all.

We have a lot of stations around the country and we have a very big list of stations renamed in a specific way to know where the station is installed example: Paris-004-V.

The problem is we have territories / regions where we have to change a campaign so right now at this moment the list of stations is very large and we have to scroll and scroll untill we find the desired stations and change the campaign , also we have to do it one at one and maybe we have to change all stations from that region to the same campaign.

What I suggest is:

1. the posibility to create "regions"
(categories of the stations)  so this way you just create a category and rename it to REGION 1, 2, 3. etc.
2. Users with permissions to access only to his REGIONso only view his stations.

3. Select all stations with one click and then change a campaign for all stations with just a click.

4. As administrators we can see all folders (categories) of all stations, also another thing usefull it will be a "searchbar station" This way on the big list of stations if I only want to change one station I don't have to scroll just write the name and should appear.

I hope this suggestions improve the functionality of the digital signage and quality.

info: We have Enterprise version of Digital Signage , we use Minix x7 Mini Android as a Player and screens from 22' to 55' horizontal and some vertical with fullscreen video.

Report bugs and errors / Studio Lite update campaign bug
« on: November 20, 2014, 02:48:31 AM »

In Studio Lite select a "station  1" to change the campaign A to campaign B then press the icon "SAVE"
It will display 3 options with the message:

Restart connected stations and apply all your saved work?

- OK  (This should change the campaign for the selected station without restarting all other stations ) NOT WORKING
- Save and restart stations (this works properly)
- Cancel (this works properly)

The problem, if we have 10 stations and we want to change a campaign of one station. is not working we have to select second option.. by affecting others stations without reason.

Open source Digital Signage / Studio Lite Features need it to 2015
« on: November 18, 2014, 09:01:00 AM »

I will try to explain my situation and how this affect me in near future (day 1 in 2015)

We have a lot of POS around the Country divided in regions and every region is managed by let's say "USER BETA" who visit all POS of his region. The problem is now starting with 2015 they wants the ability to change the campaign of every POS by the "USER BETA" of that region.
But the most important the "USER BETA" will not do it from PC, atually will visit the POS, and this means they want to use a tablet like an iPad. to change the campaign.

Well more or less this actually can be done with Studio Lite but there are some features we need.

1. Studio Lite for iPad (native aplication maybe in the future)

2. A solution to create groups of the STATIONS. So this way every "USER BETA" of region "X" can only view his STATIONS not all stations. (But we are the administrators of all stations so we have to be allowed to view all stations no matter of what region is)

3. Limit powers of the "USER BETA"  this means we only let them make the changes we want.
(in our company we need this , maybe other other companies want differently)

- Play , Stop, Screenshot the stations
- Ability to change the campaign with another one (by just select one of the campaigns available)
- Schedule a campaign on hours and days.
- view a summary of the hours played by a campaign.

They can't create from scratch a campaign , or modify a screen, or add resources etc. all this will be done by US.

4. Right now we have all regions in ONE I mean  all the stations from all regions in one place.  Also is hard to find a specific POS we having to scroll all down and looking one at one until we find it.
So a search box and the options to create categories or regions something similar will be very useful.

5. We need to create users from PRO version of digital signage to use Studio Lite with limited permissions.

6. How I was say before we have a lot of POS in a region so the "USER BETA" will visit every one in particular to check if is OK. but they need to change the campaign of one in particular is ok but sometimes they have to change all POS of the region with the same campaign so in this momement they have to go one at one.. it will be nice to select all POS with one click and then change the campaign. 

How we can prepare for the new 2015 ? will be a quick solution ?
How much time will take for a complete solution ?

Some details:
Screen size of all stations : from 22'  to 55'
Signage Player devices: minix x7 mini Quad Core Android
We use only full screen videos.

Thanks in advance and hope this can be useful as a improvment of the digital signage quality.


New features and suggestions / kiosk mode refresh HTML5
« on: November 11, 2014, 09:57:02 AM »

I just started with kiosk mode. So I will explain what I'm looking forward.

I'm using an Android Tablet with kiosk mode enabled. On that tabled will charge a HTML5 component to load an website.
The website is to rent cars. but when you proced to rent a car the website have 5 steps the problem is sometimes signage player refresh the entire website so the steps already completed by the users will be deleted and the website is restarting from beginning.
The first thing I used "repeat to fit" on chanel but is not working.

What should I do.. any suggestions ? some updates for this feature?

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