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SignageStudio / Scheduler won't allow me to change dates
« on: July 12, 2016, 12:11:57 PM »
I am trying to schedule a campaign in a certain range of days. But every time I try to change the dates, I go ahead an save, but once i go back, the settings are still the same. I can't change the dates. I have tried configuring for it to play daily or weekly, but no matter what dates I put in, they never get saved. Is this a recent glitch? Because I haven't had this problem before

I've been having this problem recently with a few of my players which are under the same network. Whenever a schedule a video (mp4 or flv) the video would not play at all. You could only see a blank screen where the video was supposed to be (and no progress bar as to say it was actually downloading). I tried different files with different coding. I could only get .swf to work. Digging deeper, I checked the cache of each player. And I noticed that the videos are not getting downloaded. They only download up to 81kb exactly, which is why they are not being displayed. I tried replacing one of the cache files that didn't get downloaded completely with the complete video file, and this fixed the problem. But I can't be doing this for every video, for every player. It kind of defeats the purpose.

This didn't happen before. I've tried updating de signage player, adobe air and nothing. I've tried deleting the cache and re-registering the player, but nothing changes. Could this be a network issue? But the weird thing is that some files (like .swf and all images) do get downloaded completely, so it doesn't seem like it would be a network issue.

My players are Shuttle pcs with Intel Celeron J1900 1.99 GHZ with 2GB ram, quad core, running 64-bit Windows 7

Any suggestions?

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