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Report bugs and errors / AirPlayer does weird things on MAC OSX
« on: April 10, 2009, 03:30:56 AM »
hey, spent the last few days playing with your systems, pretty cool stuff, potentially very interested in using it.

I had airplayer working well doing everything I threw at it while at work on thursday,
but when I got home and tried testing the same account on my Mac Pro it didn't quite work.

an RSS feed and label came up, but the space where Flvs where meant to play was blank.

I had a look in my Home directory and there where all the .flvs but they were named as if they were meant to be in my documents folder.

what I mean is.

in my Home Directory (named Hamish)  there were files like

I gather the files are meant to actually go into a folder named resources in a folder named Medioa Signage in my Documents folder, but it seems like some kind of error that they are named like that instead of actually being created in the right place?

I dunno if you guys have macs to test your system with, or if you mainly run on windows, but let me know
what I can do to get this working, I'm happy to run some tests at my end.

I have a few days off work for easter so I'm happy to play around with it a bit over the weekend.


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