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Thank you, that worked!
Is this login user name change permanent?


hi, I upgraded this evening my SignagePlayer to 3.0 successfully and it's playing the content OK, but on the three different pcs in my office where I have the SignageStudio desktop installed I upgraded them all to 3.0, and now for all 3 of them when I log into to 3.0.1110 interface I immediately get this message "migration complete, please restart studio & login again"
and I close the studio restart it relogin again...and get the same message?! 
I'm stuck in a loop on all 3 pcs and can't successfully get logged into the 3.0 desktop interface on any of them. 
Please help!
as right now I can't edit our signage because of this.

what's the link to download the air installer you're referring to?

I have a windows 7 desktop pc that I used to have signagestion 2.# on and always had errors with adobe air preventing me from upgrading to 3.#.  So I used a registry editor tool to remove all occurances of "adobe air", "signage" and "signagestudio" in the registry and also removed the SignageStudio folder from Program Files.
Now my pc is not letting me install Any version of SignageStudio.  It let me install Adobe Air, but when I try to install any version of the desktop studio .air file I get the cryptic error# 0.  How do I get past this error?

also, if I download the airstudio.air application mentioned a couple posts earlier and try to replace my signagestudio 2.2.1085 installed version with the new 2.2.2014 version, I get the same error #0 And if I click More Options, and try to uninstall I also get error #0.

when I go to
I follow the link to download & install the latest SignageStudio Desktop version, the install routine sees that I have 2.# installed and asks if I want to Replace it with 3, I say yes, it then attempts to do so, then stops with an error message window

Application Install
The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author.
Error# 0

how do I resolve this error so I can successfully ugrade to signagestudio 3?

can anyone help with this issue?

reformatting my office pc to factory condition is not a feasable option for a myriad of reasons.
is there any other solution to the problem I originally posted?
now when I run signage studio, it tries to download the update, then says "download failed there was an error downloading the update. error#16284"
how do I resolve this error?

Window 7 Ultimate and at present I have UAC turned do to it's "least safe" mode
I appreciate anyone that can get this fixed for me as it's been a long time (many months ago) since I've been able to successfully upgrade SignageStudio on my desktop.  I just tried again and the same error:

Application Install
"An error occurred while updating the application. Try updating it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author." Error #0


every time I launch MediaSignage (at least for months now) there has been an upgrade to the desktop studio software, and when I try to upgrade it I always get error code# 0 and the upgrade can't proceed.  I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate and I've tried turning User Account Control down to it's lowest/least safe setting and restarting my computer then trying the upgraded again, but still get this error.
I really want to get the latest version of studio running on my office pc.
has anyone else has this problem with error code# 0 and if so what did you do to resolve it so that MediaSignage studio will upgrade?
Thanks in advance,

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