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Title: Launching StudioPro causes error " ???alert.text.unArchive"
Post by: amamilton on January 05, 2019, 09:03:24 AM

I'm attempting to launch StudioPro on a windows 10 pc but I just keep getting an error


clicking OK leaves me with a black white StudioPro window

How do I fix this?
Title: Re: Launching StudioPro causes error " ???alert.text.unArchive"
Post by: admin on January 07, 2019, 08:17:07 AM
it looks like your account is either a billing account or a dormant account whose data had been removed.  you will therefore need to create a new studio account.  if you wish to use the same email, you must first request your email to be removed.  here's the instructions of how to have the login removed:

Please send an email to requesting to have the email changed. Make sure you also include your login and password as a proof that the account is yours. Take note that the new email you are nominating should not exist on the database, meaning it has not been used as a user account yet.  Before you send in your request, please go to the login page to generate a password using our Forget Password facility and send us the system generated password instead.

Please note that the request will be processed in a queue so there will be a wait time and we don't have any ETA on this.

Send it in this format or your request will be disregarded.
Current registered email:
Current Password:
New Email:

best regards