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Title: Web archive support (MHTML, MHT, webarchive, etc.)
Post by: jredmond on August 27, 2014, 09:08:00 AM
I have an SSRS installation running in native mode.  I cannot allow anonymous access to it for a variety of reasons.  If the HTML component supported basic authentication I'd be done.  Unfortunately I can only publish an SSRS report to the HTML component if it is hosted publicly.

In order to host the page publicly I'm using an SSRS subscription to render the reports to HTML 4.0.  That works for all put one report I'm running which includes charts.  Charts are not supported for HTML 4.0 export.  This leads me to either PDF or MHTML web archive.

PDF has it's own problems in that outside of 8.5x11 dimensions (which don't render well for me) the Adobe Air app that allows me to specify the URL in the HTML component gets buggy and won't allow me to save/upload the content since the dialog box is rendered behind the preview of the PDF itself.  Even disabling the PDF plugins in Chrome still have this issue as the Air app still tries to draw the PDF window in the foreground.

Thus now we're at MHTML as a last ditch effort to make this easy on me.  Outside of that I'm looking at either having to buy a BI tool like Tableu or hire a Flash programmer.  Not something I'm looking forward to doing.

Is it possible to get MHTML to work?

What other possibilities are there in my case?
Title: Re: Web archive support (MHTML, MHT, webarchive, etc.)
Post by: jredmond on August 27, 2014, 09:34:46 AM

I can get the external browser preview to work with PDF and have my content saved as long as I'm not embedding the HTML component in a scene.  When the scene isn't used to constrain the view dimensions I can get everything saved.  Next problem...

Now I can't get the PDF to display at all on the mediaDroid.  Shows a white screen and no error.  Elsewhere I've read this has to do with access issues to the HTTP server hosting the content.  In my case that isn't observed when using the Studio's external browser preview.  My PC's access to the HTTP server (in this case IIS) is exactly the same as the mediaDroid.  I think it's fair enough that we can rule out LAN issues.  The other three mediaDroids have no problem displaying their HTML content when rendered from the same IIS server and the same virtual directory.