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Title: Data persistence layer
Post by: joaocorrelo on May 13, 2014, 10:48:36 AM
Do you use an ORM framework? What about a second-level distributed cache? Do you advise using PostGres instead of other databases like MySQL? If so, why?

Just a couple of notes:
- I'm asking about PostGres because I'm completely ignorant about it. I have experience in MySQL 5.1 and other databases like SQLServer and Oracle.
- In our solution, most of the content creation and timeline management will be fully automated. We expect to have significant read operations but also a heavy workload with write operations, namely in reprogramming the timelines. We have no idea regarding those workloads; I'm sure you have metrics from your experience with MediaHybrid (our solution will also be placed in AWS), if you can provide some overall idea it would be greatly appreciated.
- It seems clear a RDBMS is far more appropriate than a NoSQL database. However, we may find it interesting to use object serialization or something similar in very specific cases.

Joao Correlo