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Title: Development of Custom Component
Post by: ShowIT Media on February 19, 2014, 01:44:13 AM

there are Video about an SDK that is not there, and as I learned when contacting live support, is no longer supported.
When I look in the FAQ  I can see that Yes I can develop custom components but it does not give any usefull information how to.

Then I looked through the documentation and found the section on the API and SDK.
Most of it is about the API, a little about the SDK, but still no usefull information.

I now have a team of developers sitting developing a component for a client, who have already payed for the development, and I have to pay the developers for there time.
It's a great component that works great as an Air application but when I put it into the signage studio as an SWF it is just blank and I can find no information anywhere on how to integrate the component into signage studio so we can use it!

If I try clicking the Develop tab in the menu on the website it just send me to the start page.

Live chat then told me, no problem but you need to look at the open source signageplayer lite, so I send my developers to look into it but we are still stuck!

How do I get a custom component into the signage studio and access the properties?
Title: Re: Development of Custom Component
Post by: admin on February 19, 2014, 09:22:34 AM
The StudioLite is open source Studio... not Player and you can customize the Studio as you wish.
As per Player you can:

1. Develop something in Flash
2. Develop something in HTML5
3. Wait later this summer when we release a new SDK for Player powered by HTML5
Title: Re: Development of Custom Component
Post by: ShowIT Media on February 19, 2014, 12:25:54 PM
I got told about the Open Source Studio Lite.
and that you could develop against the Cloud service using that.

Now I have looked at it and I still can't find any indication on how to upload the SWF file in the Signage Studio so I can get to the settings from within the studio.
I have a lot of choices when uploading the SWF 3rd party, Trusted, flex module and finally Component.

But since you have removed the ability to download the samples I have no way of knowing if the SWF file is build to specifications.

And I can't wait till sommer!

As per information on your website and videos and carefully going through the documentation,  I have promised my client that the module would be no problem and I have payed a team of developers to do it.
So are you going to refund all that and compensate my client? I would think that it was fair since you say one thing on your website, in the videos and in the documentation. But in reality you sell something that you are now telling me is not posible!

It is a very simple component that takes a path for a local share and randomly displays the pictures from that share. It looks great as a stand alone air application but now we are stuck on getting it into the Enterprise version of the Signage studio, so the client can set the properties of the component.

Jonas Christoffersen

Title: Re: Development of Custom Component
Post by: vdmidia on March 26, 2014, 10:33:28 AM
Any time I search some documentation about it . Get nothing . I have to be wondering how and losing much time for anything .

I would like to make a statement . An SDK , something. What software involved here , what kind of programming . Do not even know what kind of programmer I look .

The answers are always vague .

I'll ask some questions here, and see if you can Reply :

1 - Do you have any plans to use HTML5 instead of these components in flash which is too heavy ? For example , the " Custom RSS Player " will not be updated to work in HTML5 ?

2 - What programming language should I master to develop a component in " SWF " to use in the studio?

3 - What kind of component SWF would work on android ? Or it will not work on Android ?

4 - It would be very helpful if we had an "open model" of a feed reader (like Custom Rss) Player that could be used as a component in Studio (for my feed lists). Who could understand the structure used more clearly.

5 - Everyone else already asked his friend this post .
Title: Re: Development of Custom Component
Post by: vdmidia on April 28, 2014, 08:18:38 PM
How this will work in relation to the resource cached in HTML5, to load offline? Will be to "cache manifest"?
Title: Development of Custom Component
Post by: samrmr on January 15, 2015, 07:43:36 AM
Im trying to add a calculated field to table component on CDE, is this possible?
Otherwise what would be the indicated way to do that ?

Thanks in advance.