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Title: Collection scene in kiosk mode doesn't work properly
Post by: JMH on February 02, 2014, 05:41:50 AM
Hello everybody!

At the moment I am using the collection component (enterprise only) to build some kiosk content. I am encountering a problem (perhaps a bug in this studio version?), because I am unable to link a graphic or Label component to a scene. Watch the tutorial considering the collection component at 9min50sec, to see what I mean (I am not allowed to post the link here...)

In this tutorial from 8min20sec they explain how to configure a 'Label' component to make it 'touchable'. This is done by using the tab 'definitions' and give the label a name, also it has to be 'interactive'. In the current studio version, this has to be done in the tab 'definitions' -> 'Send event tab'. It is possible to make the label interactive (whenever I hover over with my mouse cursor, it becomes that 'hand', so it IS in fact seen as interactive) and to give it an event name.

If you go back to the collection compontent and use 'Events' to make it possible that whenever the label is clicked or touched, it plays a video or something else is shown in the collection. This is where it goes wrong. In the 'From' tab when making an event, it is possible to drag the cursor to the label, than it shows the labels event name (so this is good). BUT whenever I release the cursor, the event name disapears, so the 'from' tab is empty again. Draging to a selected page, like in the tutorial is no problem at al. Ofcourse, because there is no event name in the 'front' tab, it won't work. So, whenever I manually type in the event name, it should wok. But unfortunately it doesn't work.

Does someone encounter the same problem or can someone rebuild my problem to confirm this bug? The collection component is a payed component (one of the reasons I pay for this software), so whenever this is a bug I hope it can be fixed very soon. I really, really, really have to use this feature, because else I might not even be able to pay for this software anymore  :'(

Hopefully somebody can assist me in this matter, thanks in advance!

For the completeness of this topic, I kept my question above. I managed to 'fix' the problem. I was testing in preview mode, where in fact my mouse cursor changes to a 'hand' (I am testing on my desktop at the moment, not on a touchscreen), but whenever i clicked on the concerning label, nothing happened (it's all explained above).
Now I noticed that it DOES work, whenever using a dedicated Signage Player (Windows based in this case, because android is not compatible with the touchscreens I gonna use), it all works like it should. A little note though (there still is a little bugg), using the drag and drop method when programming events doesn't work. You have to manually add the event name.
Title: Re: Collection scene in kiosk mode doesn't work properly
Post by: ANOOP on February 02, 2014, 10:01:13 AM
When you drag and drop the label name wont appear, you will have to type manually
Title: Re: Collection scene in kiosk mode doesn't work properly
Post by: JMH on February 03, 2014, 04:07:02 AM
Hello ANOOP,

Thanks for your fast response and confirmation of the drag and drop problem.
I noticed you also posted this in the 'bugs and errors' section on the forum.