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Title: The First 48 Hours
Post by: causticbuddhist on September 23, 2009, 08:47:55 AM
Well my first screen has been up and running for about 48 hours now in a new hotel here and no complaints.

Media signage is replacing an HTML version of a display board I cooked up for the hotel while I was their chief engineer.

The first 14 hours or so, I saw the player restart itself twice but for the last 34 hours everything has been running smooth as a button.  The single scene is very simplistic (a small looped video, a weather component, an Embedded RSS feed and three HTML components) but serves there need very well.

Honestly the flexibility was the part that received the biggest thumbs up, of course my cost of free was a no brainer also (this is my test project and I know the owners and operators of the property).  The thought of a second revenue stream (selling ad time with my small cut of their profit) was well welcomed and the guest satisfaction of having the arrival and departure times of the local airport visibly shown in a high traffic area is outstanding.

I already have two more properties interested in me doing work for them!

Well a real world example at work.  Thanks Media Signage I might have just found my new calling  ;)
Title: Re: The First 48 Hours
Post by: Barry on September 23, 2009, 03:24:29 PM
How did you obtain the airport info? ; ;D
Title: Re: The First 48 Hours
Post by: causticbuddhist on September 23, 2009, 06:59:13 PM
Lucky for me the airport here publishes a dynamic version on their website, so I used the HTML component here and looped it every 30 seconds or so to update it.

I've also been playing with the FIDS (Flight Information Display System) components from and they work well in Media signage but cost a small amount and since I was doing the first one for free I used what I could to reduce the overall cost.

Eventually (meaning when I figure out how) I want to get the XML feeds straight from the airlines and feed that into an RSS reader or something similar.

I'll post a screen shot sometime tomorrow and keep ya'll updated.

Title: Re: The First 48 Hours
Post by: causticbuddhist on September 25, 2009, 07:56:42 AM
Attached is an actual remote screen capture of one of one of my time lines.


The far left and right screen divisions are html components mirroring the airports FIDS, the top center is a mp4 video, below that is a html component, third down is a rotating picture showing the airlines logos/flight delay statuses, and then a simple three day weather component.

Last night the property had a large charity I showed them a proof of concept that they can rotate through different scenes at any given time (cooked up a quick scene about the charity event) and had it play for 5 minutes on the hour and 2 minutes on the half hour during the event.  They loved it and now understand the concept of day-parting.