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Title: Import/Export Scenes & Slow Progress of Signage Studio
Post by: blackfox123 on October 03, 2013, 03:23:47 AM
Two subjects here really..

Is there any decent way to import and export existing scenes that are created on another account? i.e a customer wants the same scene as another screen.. on another account. Instead of writing down all the X, Y, Top, Left values etc etc etc..

Progress of Signage Studio.

I'm not sure who agrees with me (if anyone?) but i'm noticing after a year the progress of this app hasn't really progressed in any productive way for enterprise users. There are many features on the forum that have popped up and are good ideas but have not been implemented. It seems that $99 is not really stretching that far. (99 isn't a lot i know) That are still dormant functions within the studio that have not been sorted, eg. the email notifications, ?

The API (please do not refer me to the monster signage app) was said to be released this July, a Digital Signage agent said on their chat.

The API uses SOAP based web services so you can develop in any programming language including HTML5, C++, C#, ASP.NEY, PHP, Pearl, TCL/TK and others.

I see no progress of this in the last 16 months i've been with MS. Not only this, but the resources need updating.

Fortunately my customers seem very happy with their product which is a plus side, however my thoughts on expanding and further procurement opportunities are fading away with this software, and i'm slowly looking at other alternatives. Don\t get me wrong, the software is good.. and the features are nice.. but a lot of features like twitter, facebook etc etc are easy to self implement and are usually faster and more reliable - granted, not everyone knows how.. but some of us do, and all those bells and whistles aren't really important when the core functions do not work correctly, missing or are under developed.

On a lighter note, (i know it seems like a rant ^ ) i would rather pay another $50 or whatever for a more powerful application, with API functionalities and a more robust system, with import export options and better control over time scheduling. - my thoughts.
Title: Re: Import/Export Scenes & Slow Progress of Signage Studio
Post by: ANOOP on October 03, 2013, 03:56:34 AM
Looks like you are giving idea of creating another Super Enterprise Category....  We are broke  :'(
Title: Re: Import/Export Scenes & Slow Progress of Signage Studio
Post by: admin on October 04, 2013, 01:10:38 PM
we did release A LOT of stuff in the past year or so, but most of the focus was on BIG features (i.e.: Remote Touch, AWS backend, Android performance, new Ad tools etc...)
Our focus now shifted towards micro enhancements and I think you already begin to see that with some of the latest updates that are coming out in 4.12.
And, the new API which is entirely developed in JS / HTML5 is complete and will be released in a month or two (we need to finalize interfaces); the new API gives you full power and do everything the SignageStudio can do ... all via API, and a new studio called StudioLite which is 100% JS ... some cool stuff let me tell you.

So thank you for your support, and I think you will be very impressed over the next 2-3 months...
Title: Re: Import/Export Scenes & Slow Progress of Signage Studio
Post by: blackfox123 on October 10, 2013, 01:53:23 AM
Excellent, thank you for your reply. It sounds promising. I can't wait.  :)
I see the email notifications have been working the past week or so, thumbs up for listening to us!