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Title: Screenfeed FYI
Post by: criley on January 08, 2013, 07:06:28 AM
Just as a FYI to anyone using Screenfeed. I just noticed that if you are using a SWF feed from them and you hit the "F" key on your keyboard, this will make the SWF go full screen. I was cataloguing it in a folder under resources and when I was typing the word Screen Feed to name the folder, that is when it blew up. I then went to a player and just hit the "F" key while the campaign was playing and it went full screen taking over the whole campaign. This is probably not good for someone who is using their feeds in a kiosk environment, but should be fine in a typical screen display environment as there usually is no keyboard attached to the player.

If you are trying to create a folder name to place your screenfeed assets in and it has an "f" in it, just type the name somewhere else and copy/paste it in the folder area.