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Dear All,

Just to let you know, I had face numerous freezes after updating to Adobe Air 3.90 with signage player on the mediaplayer 300. Sometimes signage controller manages to recover, but once in a while it just stops.

I had tried everything from updating/downgrading the signageplayer,re-encoding video clips, clearing cache and unregistering. And the only thing that works is downgrading the AIR version.

Here's the official link from Adobe if you want to go back.  Wasn't allowed to post the external link but you can search for it.

So far, I'm using 3.4 as it's seems to work on my other players without problems.

Just sharing so if you face the problem you can try this option.

I've asked LIVE Chat the other night and it's a no.

The only way to do it, is to write your own via the API when it's ready.

If anyone's interested, we can pool resources to do this?

Thanks criley for the link! :)

Unfortunately, it's missing from version 4.0 (reading other posts).

Admin, any timeline or meantime can we have a work around to access a text log file of the content played?

Hi Admin,

I tried searching but couldn't really find it. Is there a log file or report of proof of play feature?


I want to say a big Thank you to the Admin for listening and helping us push for the feature earlier..

I saw by chance today, under Stations, there's a new tab - Performance with 'Transitions' option.!

And I verified it works.. no more cross fades! :) Thanks!!!

I'm curious, what does the frame rate do? should we match the videos that we are playing?

Hi Admin,

Is there someone who can clarify on the 25% discount question?

Hi Admin,

I tried to order the accessories - a bracket and the USB drive via Live Chat to get the 25% discount for resellers. But was told this is not so as they can only give up to 5% discount.

It is clearly stated on http://www.digitalsignage.com/html/benefits.html page on the discount to be given.

25% or more OFF accessories       
Receive discounts on accessories such as wall mounts, USB OS Imager and other peripherals.

Please clarify?

Thanks for the quick reply Admin!

Yup, I did my order after reading your reply and it's done.

Maybe in the future you guys can include an option within Signage Studio that only is activated when they are a reseller, so they can quickly send you the information and we just await your verification and confirmation/payment of the order.

Just a suggestion. :)

Hi there,

Just signed up for the enterprise account and it states we get some discounts for the purchase of the items.

At which stage, do we key in the information to get the discounts from the ordering page?

Thanks for the reply admin.

In the meantime, do you have any suggested work arounds? :)
It'll be nice that we can provide some kind of answer to our clients too.

Hi there,

We really appreciate all the hardwork the mediasignage team has put in for all the new/improved features and I'm really looking forward to the final 4.0 :)

Though allow me to say, the feature to remove the cross fades between resources is very important and should receive some priority.

Why more than others? Because this is what the customer and the customer's customers sees.
This is especially jarring when you have video playback. As both the sound and image is heard/seen.

So together with the other users here, I hope this can be fixed really soon or at least suggest something we can do to minimize the fades.

Thank you!

that's great to know.

But how about the mediabox? I got the mediabox 300 can it output resolutions in 50hz?

Hi there,

Does the mediabox support output in 50hz resolutions?

And how do I configure that?

Hi Admin or anyone, any suggestions or help, please?

It's a brand new Mediabox and don't want the $$ spent go to waste with the video quality playback not up to standards. :(

I tried even with the built-in trailers - The Kings Speech, True Grit Teaser,Yogi Bear... the videos are jagged and experience tearing during quick transitions or lots of action on screen.

If you like a video of both my laptop and the mediabox 300 playing back the contents side by side, let me know and I'll record it for reference.

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