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Dear All,

Just to let you know, I had face numerous freezes after updating to Adobe Air 3.90 with signage player on the mediaplayer 300. Sometimes signage controller manages to recover, but once in a while it just stops.

I had tried everything from updating/downgrading the signageplayer,re-encoding video clips, clearing cache and unregistering. And the only thing that works is downgrading the AIR version.

Here's the official link from Adobe if you want to go back.  Wasn't allowed to post the external link but you can search for it.

So far, I'm using 3.4 as it's seems to work on my other players without problems.

Just sharing so if you face the problem you can try this option.

Hi Admin,

I tried searching but couldn't really find it. Is there a log file or report of proof of play feature?


Hi there,

Just signed up for the enterprise account and it states we get some discounts for the purchase of the items.

At which stage, do we key in the information to get the discounts from the ordering page?

Hi there,

Does the mediabox support output in 50hz resolutions?

And how do I configure that?

Hi there,

I just received the mediabox 300 and I have to say it's a very nicely built box.
All excited, it was quite easy to boot up and assign the station.

However, I noticed very sadly, that the video playbacks are tearing on fast scenes and even still text appear jagged at times.

The same video clips, playing back on my laptop didn't have these problems.

Is there something that I need to configure to improve the video quality?


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