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Title: XML Resource for Images and Slideshow
Post by: criley on July 26, 2012, 01:00:52 PM
I have successfully pulled in most of the data for my XML Component Scenes. Where I am having issues is when trying to pull an image from a web based URL. I am not quite certain as to why. If I change the type from Resource to Text, the URL will display, so I know that the XML Player sees the Element and its value.

Also my other issue is that I have 10 sets of data in 1 feed Like in the example where there were multiple sandwiches/burgers. They are all set for slideshow and I want one scene to show at a time so each set has its own page. The page never changes. How do I do this. I am sure iam doing something wrong. Is this not what the slideshow setting is for? :-\ Lost and confused.