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We're seeing a delay of new content appearing on screens with JSON and RSS players.  Basically, I have a screen with two JSON players each tied to the same scene, and an RSS player tied to a different scene.  Whenever the content for any of these components is updated, none of them render on the player until they've seemingly been re-cached.  The refresh can take 15-20 seconds, during which time most of the screen is blank.  Other components on the screen, such as weather, a logo, the background, etc. all play fine.  All three of the RSS and JSON components begin to display at the same time. 

I'm wondering why any one feed would affect the others, and also why it takes so long to refresh when we're talking about very small feeds (these are just 3-4 items per feed fed from a web server on our network). 

Also, is there a way to pre-cache the results, like by starting the json and rss components prior to the screen change?  I have several screen transitions, and could overlap the rss and json players.  Not sure if that would work or if anyone has other possibilities. 

This was partially answered in a prior post, but the specific rights required when not installing using the built-in admin account were not detailed.  We have security policies which prevent us from running the Administrator built-in account so I need to know what additional rights other than being a member of the local admin group are required.

Also, does the account have to be named Administrator?  We tried installing under other local admin accounts but the installation software is not recognizing these users.

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