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I have a question about the open source Player:

If I download the "current source code" available for download, I can use it, modify it and make it work?

Or the open source code available today, I'll get to see just some code that does not actually work?

Thanks a lot. :)

Report bugs and errors / The videos are being cut 2 seconds earlier.
« on: September 17, 2014, 07:07:58 PM »

After lastest updates, the videos are being cut 2 seconds earlier.
I have a video of 1:30, he starts one second and a half later, so if I put his time to 1:30 on the timeline, that 1 second and a half at the end are left with black screen.

So I have to put the time of the video in timeline 2 or 3 seconds less than the original time.

Tested with: Android Player, External video component and Uploaded video to Studio (same problem).

Thanks a lot. :)

Report bugs and errors / Player stucks when internet goes down...
« on: September 13, 2014, 09:53:11 AM »

There were some problems occurring in some places we are:
After upgrading to 4:20:15, the player crashed a few times a day.
After some testing, I noticed a bug in this version:

Already reported another bug in that version when the player starts without internet.
The other bug I found is if you have an ADSL provider -> WiFi -> Player ...
If the provider goes down, the WIFI is still active, but without opening any website.
When this happens, the player stucks on the screen that was.

A simple bug fix.

Thanks and I hope this and the another bug is fixed soon possible...



There are some shops that use ADSL internet, when the ADSL connection drops, the WIFI is still active, but unable to open the pages.
In older versions of the Player, it took a bit, but the home screen "checking internet connection ... 1" not crashed.
In version 4.20.15, you can get two hours waiting, but the screen is locked while the connection does not come back.

to sum up:
If you are without WIFI connection available, the Player starts using the cache.
If you have WIFI connection, but no internet running, the Player gets stuck in "checking internet connection ... 1."

Android Player with 4.20.15... :)

Thans a lot. ;)


Whats is this update?

4.20.35 Fixed Bundle error in SignagePlayer local when internet connection is off

Because after the latest updates, my Players are getting more offline than online.

Thanks a lot.

Report bugs and errors / After the updates of yesterday and today...
« on: August 23, 2014, 09:12:15 AM »
After the updates yesterday and today, my campaigns are giving lag more often. And often the "dynamic" motion effects that I added the "Scenes" are not working and need to restart the Player.

The effects are os "position" and "alpha".

(Sorry to my bad english).

Thanks a lot.  :)


When enable "Transition" or any other effect of "Dynamic" alpha/position.... Not work in the "Resource" of XMLComponent....

In "Resource" of CustomRSS works.... :)

But I need to use with XMLComponent....

Thanks a lot. :)


Report bugs and errors / 2 bugs in Studio and Player...
« on: August 05, 2014, 12:09:32 PM »

I found 2 bugs:

1 - In Scene Editor, when you set a element (CustomRSS) to "dynamic" position, if you change the Time and/Or the Delay and Save, nothing will occurs, the things will only works if you change the Alpha of the element each time you change the Time or Delay of the "dynamic" item.

1 - With Transitions enabled, is you have a CustomRSS with Title, Description and Image (Resource), the Resource with a custom Transition enabled in Scene editor sometime it show a black image and before start the Transition to another item, the image appers...

SignagePlayer / 2 problems in recent versions of the Player/Studio
« on: August 04, 2014, 11:10:30 AM »
I found 2 problems in recent versions of the Player for Android:

1 - In version 4.10 ... when I was not enabled "transitions" and we have a CustomRSS when moved from one item to another, the images changed suddenly. In the new versions, the changing image of the items is quickly shown the loading bar ...

2 - When we create a new transition. In "Scene Editor" we put the transition in the Resource CustomRSS, but even that is showing that the Resource is configured for this new Transition effect, transition effect does not work on it, I do not know why ....

Sorry for bad english.

Studio: 4.20.23
Android Player: 4.20.15

If there is a newer version than those I ask you tell me please.

SignagePlayer / Images with low quality before transition begins
« on: August 02, 2014, 11:33:05 AM »

I'm testing "Transitions" on Android (4.1.1), I am using the latest version of the Player, the Studio and AdobeAIR.

The transitions work perfectly without lag.

But I realized that before the transition begins, regardless of whether the transition is an image or CustomRSS, all the "Scene" gets a bad quality.

It seems that the "PLAYER" makes a low quality screenshoot of the current image before making the transition effect.
Is possible to do this "screenshoot" have better quality?

To make it noticeable this loss of quality before the transition ...

Thank you.  :)

SignagePlayer / CustomRSS Component playing randomly
« on: April 12, 2014, 02:44:51 PM »
Hi! :)

I have a CustomRSS with the following items:
Apple, Banana, Cherry...

But the Player is showing the items randomly.

I wanted them to be shown sequentially, it is possible?

Thanks!  ;D


I want to take a snapshot from some stations using 3G modem connection and it have no return (blank screen).

Have a specific port that I can unlock in the modem?

Thanks a lot!  :D


When there is no internet connection in Android Player, it takes up to 15 minutes to load the offline campaign.


If you have a connection like this:
Modem -> Wireless Router -> Android.

If the modem loses its connection to the internet:
If the router stay powered on even without connection, the Android Player freezes or goes black,
the right would the Player continue playing ...

Make the test:

Modem -> Wireless Router -> Android.
Disconnect the cable from Wireless Router to Modem, but let the wireless router powered on.
The Player will freeze...

Not tested on Windows, but on all versions of Android it seems that this problem occurs.

Problem only occurs if you have the wireless router powered on, but with it without internet connection.
If you turn off the wireless router, the player still works
, weird, tested at various locations with different types of connection ...

the issue is resolved, I can not explain why, must have been a temporary problem on my connection.



1 = The SignagePlayer source is only to Enterprise users?

2 = Is there any tutorial on how to at least start using? Or we need to try alone without any help?

3 = With the source code, we can change the look of the Player?
Change the white square with the connection information, server, campaign, etc?

Thanks!  ;D

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