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Title: Recommendations: Android Mobile/Cell Phones as Signage Players
Post by: EchoMe on April 06, 2013, 12:45:13 PM
I have a Sony Xperia T that I aquiered cheaply. I intened to use it as a Signage Player.
However, before I invest my time and effort in setting this up as a solution does anyone:
a) have any experience using this particular model with the Android Signage Player app
b) can recommend another device that will fit the following criteria.

1. Act a robust media player with HDMI or mini-USB to HDMI out
2. Have 3G connectivity
3. Be chargeable via USB (i.e. from a TV's USB port)

Or in other words, is their a Holy Grail mobile phone Android Player?


Incidentally, I'll post my findings with my Sony Xperia T connected to my 42" 1080 TV and it's reliability