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Title: Tangible Advertisement
Post by: Ralphina on March 25, 2015, 09:09:43 PM
Digital Signage have been hot in recent years,because the cost efficiency,timelines,suggestive selling, impluse order and interactive characteristics.

Digital Signage can display advertisement more directly with comprehsive animations,which are used in Bank & Finance,Quick Service Restaurant,Retail,International Communication,Education,Hospital&Health Care,Digital Out Of Home and so on.

Advantages of Digital Signage:
1.The most efficient from of advertising in the point of purchase
2.Diverse multimedia features adapted to every need.
3.Dynamic message where the target audience is located at the right instant
4.The most effective from of audiovisual advertising, right behind TV

How do you think of DIGITAL SIGNAGE AGE,give me your creative suggestions and advice.