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Title: QR Code for Catalog Component
Post by: paulie on October 15, 2014, 01:50:18 PM
It would be great if the QR Component could be integrated with the catalog component.
The Idea would be to have the option to include text or URL when adding the resource into the catalog item.
At the moment you are able to include information in to the 'info0, info1, info2...' Boxes/tabs.
If there could be a extra tab titled say 'QrCode'  text or URL could be placed here and when this field is placed within a scene it will automatically produce a QrCode image.

This would benefit a number retail clients that showcase there products on screens.
This way a resource placed into the catalog component can show the Image, text and QrCode that when scanned, will take the customer directly to the product online to purchase.

If this possible any other way please get in touch.