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Report bugs and errors / Re: Player stuck after reboot
« on: May 12, 2011, 01:36:30 AM »

Did you try to reproduce the bug, it really takes only few minutes? If you are not certain what causes this behavior, I will have to use static IP-s (which is not big problem), but I would really appreciate answer and opinion from your side.



There are some other items like weather player components, and clock, that are not resized (scaled). They look as they should, only in exact resolution in which the presentation was made. I hope that this is only temporary, and that it will be corrected in future. 


Report bugs and errors / Re: Player stuck after reboot
« on: May 05, 2011, 07:33:49 AM »
itehno, i am having similar problems. Mine works fine when i start the player manually but it seems like at night when the network is updating or something it is interferring with the media box causing it get stuck on a administrator log in screen. I have 2 other media players that are working just fine on a Non-Network environment.

The media player is not rebooting on its own which i thought would happen if it goes offline or turned off, i have to manually turn off/on and it works fine till the next morning. Sean helped me and noticed i had the monitor setting to turn on/off on the "power saving" tab. He had me turn it off cause there might be a bug with it. I will find out this morning if it works and probably test it for another couple days.

check your setting under the power saving tab and put it to none..see what happens.


Thank you for your effort, I wish it was something simple like that, but it is not. If you read the whole thread carefully, you would notice that those are two different players, with different OS, and identical behavior.
I hope that Sean will find time to simulate the situation that I described, and to reproduce the bug.


Report bugs and errors / Re: Player stuck after reboot
« on: May 05, 2011, 03:35:33 AM »
One is Ubuntu 10.10, the other is WinXP Pro SP3, both players are 2.2.1088, AIR

I think that problem is in the way of IP addressing.

We have typical SOHO network, integrated ADSL modem/router/DHCP server/4 port switch (Thomson ST780), and additional four switches.
Both players were in DHCP mode. When I disconnect ADSL modem from the line, and restart players, they both stuck.
Now, when I set static IP addresses to both players, in the same situation (disconnected ADSL line) they both booted and started normaly. Also, if I leave them in DHCP mode, and shut down DHCP server, they both booted and started normaly.

I hope that this will help you to reproduce and correct this bug.


Report bugs and errors / Re: Player stuck after reboot
« on: May 04, 2011, 11:03:08 AM »
It is easy to reproduce the bug:
1) Boot the player normally, and leave it working for few minutes.
2) Block access to the server, but don't disconnect ethernet cable from the player! (in my case, I did it by disconnecting router from ADSL line).
3) Physically reset the player.
4) After reboot, player will stuck.
5) After restoring access to the server, nothing happens, player must be manually restarted.

Only if you disconnect ethernet cable, and reset the player, it will boot normally, and work "off line".



Report bugs and errors / Re: Player stuck after reboot
« on: May 04, 2011, 03:00:05 AM »
Short update. When WAN access (ADSL) was restored, nothing happened, both players were still stuck. After I manually restarted them, everything went well, they booted normally and started presentation. I will try to reproduce the same error later.


Report bugs and errors / Re: Player stuck after reboot
« on: May 03, 2011, 09:54:59 AM »

1. No, both are sequenced. Btw, those two players are totally independent, businesses and campaigns are different, even OS is different (one is Windows and one is Ubuntu).
2. I am not using any daily power saving, and reboot conditions for both players are default (station reboot every day at midnight). I wrote that I reset the player (start/turn off/restart), and it stuck at the same place.
3. Both players are 2.x latest version.

I belive that it is something related both to specific network situation, and time. Both players are physically plugged into working lan, but without internet access (they could not reach the server), both were not updated for several days (one was turned off, and the other rebooted at least once, but it was not able to reach the server because there was no internet).
Our ADSL connection is still down (no internet access), and I left both players on purpose "stuck as they are" to see what will happen when WAN comes back (it should be tomorrow). I will write what will happen.

If you have any suggestion, please tell me.

I think that you should be able to reproduce this, shut down the player for few days, and before you boot it again, make sure that it is physically connected to working lan, but without access to the server.


Report bugs and errors / Player stuck after reboot
« on: May 02, 2011, 12:43:13 PM »
I was testing one player configuration, default setup, with daily restart at the midnight. It was working normally for several days, and I left it working over a weekend.
This morning, our ADSL connection was down (problem at providers side), and player was  stuck at transparent player window without any text. I restarted it, signage controller started normally, transparent player window without any text shows, and then it stuck again.
This was strange, because I thought that player works ?no meter what happens?. When network goes down, it should reproduce ?last cached state?.
Then I took second player (it was previously used, normally registered and had some cached data), and exactly the same thing happened.
Can somebody explain this? If this is a feature, and not a bug, I think that it must be changed. 

Report bugs and errors / RSS - problem with resources
« on: April 14, 2011, 02:25:58 AM »
I already reported this problem, but it seams that not too many people realize full potential of RSS feeds. I suppose that otherwise you would already do something to fix your RSS players (both normal and custom).

In short, there is a big problem with resources (pictures). Some RSS feeds with resources are presented correctly, sometimes resources are not visible at all. Also, the same RSS feed doesn't look the same in desktop player and in web preview player (Firefox browser). Usually, web player works better (!), resources are presented correctly, but sometimes it doubles resource both in resource and in descrption field (you have two pictures).
My choice of RSS feeds is limited by local language, so I have big problem finding RSS feed with resources, which will be correctly interpreted in desktop player.

Can you please do something about it?

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