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hello admin -

thank you for your response... the mouse move workaround is working fine... just in case anyone else is interested the one i am using is at "movemouse.codeplex.com "


hello admin -
 i spoke with live chat:

Department: Support
Full Name: chris rains
Your Question: how do i make the cursor disappear when running the "Enhanced AverMedia live TV / capture support"
Staff: Ron P
09:59 Your Question: how do i make the cursor disappear when running the "Enhanced AverMedia live TV / capture support"
09:59 Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
10:00 You are now chatting with Ron P (Support Staff) - Support
10:00 Ron P: Hi, Ron here - how are you and how may I help you today?
10:00 Ron P: hello chris
10:00 chris rains: hello
10:01 Ron P: is the mouse attached to the player?
10:01 chris rains: no
10:01 Ron P: ok there shouldn't be a cursor then
10:02 Ron P: the player normally turns off the cursor during run
10:02 Ron P: but if a mouse is attached, then it shows when you move the mouse
10:03 chris rains: ok... where would i find the latest release of that app?
10:03 Ron P: "secure.digitalsignage.com/msgetstarted/#directDownload"
10:04 chris rains: thank you... have a great day!
10:04 Ron P: you're welcome chris
Support Center: "digitalsignage.com/support/upload/"

 and they did not resolve the mouse issue... i made sure there was no mouse attached and rebooted nuc from the studio app... also i could not find this app at the location provided... i have a screen capture of the issue if you would like it...


hello admin -
thank you for this great app... i am having the same problem as chrisgate (Enhanced AverMedia live TV / capture support is making mouse cursor to always display on the screen)... this not acceptable... is there a fix or work around for this yet?

thanks -
chris rains

SignagePlayer / Re: make os image unique
« on: July 28, 2016, 06:32:17 AM »
never mind... that seemed to work yesterday... somehow the other test machine got renamed to the same as the one as i brought online... will be trying something different today... please let me know if you have any ideas...

SignagePlayer / Re: make os image unique
« on: July 27, 2016, 12:43:41 PM »
i am pretty sure i found the answer... i found 2 folders in c:\users\user\appdata\roaming left over from signage player uninstall named sinageplayer and sinageplayer.xxxxx... i did not touch the reg this time but deleted those 2 folders... reinstalled sinage player... when it hit the server i was required to enter a new device name and which campaign to run... if anyone wants to verify that, i believe this thread may be closed...

SignagePlayer / make os image unique
« on: July 27, 2016, 11:27:48 AM »
i have created an image for the media players i will be distributing... the issue i seem to have run into is that the server still sees each one of them as the same player even after uninstalling the signage player and reinstalling it before going online to hit the server... there must be a residual reg key that uninstall does not remove... i have used regedit and deleted every reg entry that i felt comfortable doing with "signage" in it... if anyone knows the specific entry that makes each unit unique it would be most appreciated... it is a win 7 image

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