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SignagePlayer / Re: JSON Feed Not Working
« on: August 20, 2021, 03:24:43 PM »
I would need to know more about your specific setup to suggest an alternative.  Are you using the google sheets component or some other way to get data from google sheets?  Not sure if you can send private messages on this forum but if you can, you can pm me.

To answer this question, a use case needs to be established which will help you in making all the decisions.  First, you have to establish a goal of what you are hoping to accomplish or the project return on investment.  Then determine what information you want to play on the televisions today, a year from now, two years from now.  Once you have this hashed out, you will know if it is something you can do or if you need to hire someone.  DS is a good platform for the money that can meet the demands of most use cases however you have to understand its capabilities and limitations.  A Raspberry Pi is a low cost device however the use case for it will be very limited.  Do you need a private onsite server or will a cloud server work?  How critical is the information being displayed?  It's not a matter of if you will have a problem but when so you will need a system/network manager to keep it going (or you can take the time and do it yourself).  I have been using the DS platform for almost 10 years and we have been able to make it work for us.

SignagePlayer / Re: JSON Feed Not Working
« on: August 19, 2021, 02:51:26 PM »
As an update, this has been resolved.  I was using google as my front end for a JSON feed and they made an update to their API which caused the feed to fail.  I was able to find another method to get this feed which is now working.  Not sure if this Google API update is affecting any other DS components but the DS team is aware of this.

SignagePlayer / JSON Feed Not Working
« on: August 15, 2021, 04:56:30 PM »
Anyone out there having issues with their JSON feed?  I am noticing that the data is not displaying on certain devices for some reason.  This affects Windows and Android DS players.  Since we use JSON feeds for almost all our customers, I need to find a fix asap...Thanks

I also had customers complaining about the weather not being accurate so I did a little digging.  The weather component works however it is not real-time.  It turns out that the weather data (that is displayed in DS) is approx 4 hours old.  Most people may not notice it if the weather in that area does not fluctuate greatly.  This is not a fault of the DS software but the data source that they use.  If you want up to the minute weather data, I suggest getting it through another service like screenfeed or build your own.

SignagePlayer / Re: Lock the screen
« on: August 13, 2021, 03:31:35 PM »
Yes, just put the campaign in kiosk mode and make sure nothing in your campaign is setup to be interactive.

SignageStudio / Re: StudioPro and Flash.
« on: April 08, 2021, 04:47:35 PM »
Hello Admin,
Appreciate the update and transparency...We have an enterprise account, and have had for many years, and we DEPEND on your services to run our business.  This type of information is important to me and our business as we also are trying to manage technology and physical resources to match the current customer climate.  Your unique service offering is a great match for our business use case and allows us to meet the demanding needs of our customers.  I am in favor of any development to improve your products and or services and appreciate when something is added or updated. 

In the spirit of continuous improvement and constructive feedback, there are a few things, that I think, are important to manage in terms of a client/user relationship.  Some users may not care about what development is happening as their use of your services is not critical to their operations.  In our case (I am sure there are many others as well), we heavily rely on your services to manage our business.  I don't mind that this major update is taking more time as I have been involved in enough projects to understand the complexity of a technology stack.  We just don't want any surprises...My suggestion is to develop a better communication platform for enterprise users.  I have never really liked having to come to the forum to find out what is happening with your products and services.  As an enterprise customer, I would appreciate some type of communication letting me know what is happening in terms of development and updates over some regular interval.  Maybe that is an enterprise area of the website, maybe that is an email, or some other type of communication.  Having an open, 2-way, communication channel with your enterprise users will not only make for happier customers but also can improve your product and service offerings.

In closing, we love your development ambition and your flexible service platform.  If you want to improve your business, my suggestion is to communicate openly and often so your customers stay informed and part of the development process.

Thank you for reading

New features and suggestions / Feature Request for Touch Deployments
« on: August 28, 2020, 09:22:11 PM »
Wanted to post a suggestion about adding a new feature to the application...We built a touchscreen campaign utilizing the digital signage enterprise edition application for a customer and they asked about analytics.  Specifically, what timelines, scenes, and media was being touched/viewed by the user so they could determine if anyone was looking at certain messages.  Not thinking, my immediate response was yes but I quickly caught myself and realized there is no tracking mechanism for the touch part of the application.  I think this would be a great addition to the feature list as it would add the ability to provide feedback and data to the customer which would make a better case for purchasing the product.  Thanks for everything and look forward to future improvements!

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: Total outage on all accounts
« on: December 09, 2019, 08:33:29 AM »
Thank you for the update...
Please let us know once you have mitigated the attack so we can update our network and our customers.

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: Total outage on all accounts
« on: December 08, 2019, 10:28:39 AM »
Correction on my last post...Not all of the functionality has been restored on the accounts that are working.  We tried creating a new account and kept getting the "create account fail" error message so not sure what other functionality is not working.

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: Total outage on all accounts
« on: December 08, 2019, 10:24:10 AM »
Looks like most of our accounts are back online now and operational now.  We still have accounts on the Neptune server that are offline.

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: Total outage on all accounts
« on: December 07, 2019, 11:47:26 AM »
As an update, just tried saving some changes on one of my accounts on the Pluto server and the application just locks up...

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: Total outage on all accounts
« on: December 07, 2019, 08:02:41 AM »
This issue started on Dec5 and I just checked my network and some accounts are offline (seems like accounts connected to the Neptune server) and all of my other accounts are experiencing an extreme slowdown.  Got on Chat with MS over the past few days and they are aware of the problem but have not given any specifics of what the problem is or when they will have it resolved.  The MS system and applications have been rock solid in terms of uptime over the past 5 years but I am not sure what is happening now...

I'm intrigued...how will the signage software determine when to play these files?  Either by day or by day/time?

Enterprise edition, branding and reselling / Re: Starting Own Business
« on: March 04, 2019, 07:44:02 AM »
When I first started out using this service, I also had a lot of questions and it took me a while to get it all figured out.  So I will give you high level answers however I suggest you get on with chat to get all the specifics.
1. I need unlimited screens. I want to charge myself to my customers. yes, you can do this
2. I want to have a whitelabel solution where I can put my own logos so that customer do not know who is behind it. yes, you can do this
3. Since I have done whitelabel that means my customers will sign up on my website. So The whitelabel solution will be on your domain or I can integrate it into my own site.yes, the sign up process can be on your domain
4. I want to manage my customers accounts myself since I am charging them myself. So there has to be some way where I can manage every customers account and content individually. you can manage most all aspects of your customers accounts however I do not think you can use the application as a billing portal
5. If customers want they can login themselves and make changes to their content and make their own campaigns.yes, this is possible
6. I need to use my own android devices that I can manage remotely. Means, not just pushing the content but turn on, wakeup, sleep, initiate any other commands (which I do not know right now). A full control of the device. You will need to determine what features/components you are going to offer your customers as android devices do not offer the same functionality as windows devices.

Now, I have to buy Enterprise edition ? yes
Will it be cloud hosted?there are several options available however depending on your customer, you will need to determine which is best for you. And yes it can be cloud hosted by DS
Will it have unlimited screens or do I have to pay anything extra for the screens per month or per year?If you purchase that level, it will be unlimited

Are there any other hidden or extra charges for any other components?not within the software/hardware set

Hope this helps you with your endeavor!

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