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Hello, I stumbled upon media signage in the digital signage forum . A great resource for anyone in this industry. I was pleasantly suprised by how informative the website was on your product and even more so impressed by the beta software. We have been working with networked digital signage for over 2 yrs now and have used many content management solutions  such as Scala, Risevision, Nuvatech, Infosignz, and currently Dynasign. Many serve there purpose well and are stable reliable  platforms . I believe however that after a brief review of the current Beta software. pricing model, and forum ,this software is going to be one to watch!!!I was very impressed by the easy intuative work flow,  and how well the interface was human  factored. Reading some of the features to be soon added will give it even more value.While the software is currently in beta and does not have a proven track record like the others yet as that happens it will pull away from the pack. Your goal is right on the money when you are designing the interface to non technical users as there are alot out there that want to use digital signage and are just waiting for a solution like this. As a reseller We struggle to have a platform easy enough available that we can sell to an enduser without 15 phone calls a week  until this point this was not possible . Its funny we just posted in the DS  forum asking if DS content was capable to be posted to the web ,then I saw that it was a feature of this software. This is a huge selling point to a business owner that his web page, blog, or myspace can be dynamically updated by the sign saving even more time and money.Keep up the good work!!!   Brian

Report bugs and errors / Display layout module bugs
« on: October 24, 2008, 12:44:13 PM »
When I was testing the beta initially using the latest build of IE explorer7 when I was setting up  zones for 2 tickers , a logo header and main ad space it kept trying to run an active x control (yellow bar in browser) if you do this it restarts user interface. other issue is when you made a segement and changed pixel size in boxes not by left mouse click& drag the visual segment  piece would not resize visually. This usually occurs when you click off the boxed value. I repeated this several times . Rebooted and did it again .

I figured It may be an IE issues so I used google chrome. I had a much better response  using this browser no active x issues and segmented pices resized properly after box value change . I even saw the line change green when I was exactly against the next zone segment ....nice feature!! this did not happen in internet explorer testing.

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