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SignageStudio / consistent time setting
« on: August 13, 2015, 11:31:05 AM »
Throughout studio I like consistent time setting. On the timeline I have a resolution of 1 second. Scene length also 1 second. The dynamic setting however has a resolution of one thousands of a second.

That seems silly, even when creating content for a 100 Hz screen.

Setting the time in seconds is easier (typing 10 or 1.5 instead of 10000 or 1500)  and less chance a zero runs invisible of the input box.

If this is impossible to change because it's buried deep in the core of the database, a checkbox in UI level to choose between seconds and thousands (dividing or multiplying the record data at UI level) is not that hard do add, is it?

i'd greatly appreciate it

SignagePlayer / The player keeps distorting my presentation
« on: March 28, 2015, 04:05:55 AM »
Brightsign's lack of MAC support made be decide to move away. digitalsignage.com looked as if it would do. The signage studio (43241), even the PRO is way easyer to  work with. But...

The player keeps distorting my presentation.

To test things out I made a small 1080 1920 portrait presentetion. To avoid tilting my laptop ever so often I made my tablet a station. The presentation was distorted (img A).

Then i found out I could set an output to a specific resolution, so I made one fiting the tablet. The presentation was distorted (img A). 

Thinking ik could be the fact that the LifeTab is a budget tablet I made an output fiting for a samsung galaxy tab. The presentation was distorted (img B). 

Well maby that output was'nt what i thought. Namely to crop one presentation to diffrent devices. so I mesed up my home desctop computer and tilted the monitor to make it a portrait player. Set the output to ecact the same resolution as the presentation with again a distorted presentetion (img C)

Is it the player detecting the wrong resolution, and can I set the player to force a resolution? Player and Studio latest version at 26 of march

img A

img B


img C

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