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General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: mediaCLOUD 6.1 released
« Last post by soportefrd on Today at 02:33:59 PM »
I suppose it means e.g. caching 3 of 50 files, it's correct?. And:" 3 of 50 (3) " What the parenthesis means?
General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: mediaCLOUD 6.1 released
« Last post by admin on Today at 02:25:22 PM »
it's 1 of 10 .... 2 of 10 ....
General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Re: mediaCLOUD 6.1 released
« Last post by soportefrd on June 21, 2018, 11:10:28 PM »
That's great news! thanks to all the dev team for your hard work!  8)

How do we read the new "caching" column inside StudioPro?

General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / mediaCLOUD 6.1 released
« Last post by admin on June 21, 2018, 06:22:21 PM »
We are happy to announce release of StudioPro and SignagePlayer 6.1.
In this release we enhanced the live preview of your digital signage presentation inside StudioPro (no longer do you need to launch a browser to preview your play list).
The enhancement includes:
. new play controls on top of the campaign list (play/stop)
. auto sequencing in playback preview of each timeline in the campaign
. full screen renderer in live preview using StudioPro

In addition we are delighted to introduce a new caching engine for the SignagePlayer (currently available for Windows and coming to Android next week)
. allow for background caching of resources (when you file > save you will see a checkbox for Cache resources before play)
. intelligent algorithm to priority resources depending on size, duration and timeline sequencing
. enhanced cache management and purging of resources
. resources counter in StudioPro > Station manager grid so you can gauge the status of each player and its download file progress

To download the latest mediaCLOUD 6.1 visit:


We just went through this - we had promises of HD TV capture but could only get 420p with the mediabox 300 and the dongle.

The resolution we came up with was a small factor PC / an Avermedia PCI card / and a fix to the digitalsignage launch scripts.

In total it came out to be less money than the NUC/Dongle and renders the TV screen division in full HD.  Works Perfect.

We are selling quite a few of these.  I can set you up with something that is ready to go.

Contact me to see if this might work for you.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the summer!

Paul Wheeler
Local Business Patriots / Email to my TV
New features and suggestions / Re: Two suggestions
« Last post by admin on June 18, 2018, 06:04:48 PM »
we shifted priorities to GPU, Touch Ad engine etc.
The good news is that the entire architecture is now delivered and so we will be adding a ton of micro enhancements on weekly basis.
New features and suggestions / Admin promise for UNDO - Eight years ago.
« Last post by IPNDDS on June 17, 2018, 11:51:13 PM »
Another request for UNDO and a promise that it's coming.  This promise was made EIGHT years ago.  Why do we not have an UNDO function?
New features and suggestions / Re: Undo / Redo
« Last post by IPNDDS on June 17, 2018, 11:49:01 PM »
So, six YEARS have passed and still no UNDO function.  Why is this?
Report bugs and errors / Re: Studio Enterprise Does Not Update changes to Names
« Last post by IPNDDS on June 17, 2018, 05:25:36 PM »
Well, after fussing with this issue over two days and several hours, it suddenly started working.  I don't know if I did something or if it was an issue on your end.  The bigger problem is that your software does an awful lot of strange, anomalous behaviors and it probably causes massive frustration for your paying users - it certainly does for me.  I've experienced this strange behavior for years as an enterprise user with you.  Are you aware of the intermittent lack of responsiveness of Studio?  You must aware of it.
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