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How do I mix the non-paid content (venue and patron content) with the paid content where the airtime for the paid content NEVER gets above 50% of the total airtime?

I think I would use the AdNet packages to insert both the paid and non-paid (filler) content into the airtime.  Part of my sales pitch to potential venues is that the ads will never be more than 50% of the total airtime. 

How do I control the % of airtime that my 3 groups of content (paid, venue, patron) get on the screens?

In the desktop version of Studio, there's a label in the upper left within parentheses that shows the name of the user logged in.  I find this very helpful but its missing in the web version.  I need to go to help-about to find out the "client email".  Why isn't that shown on the web version in the same way as the desktop version, even if its got to be moved around some?


Enterprise edition, branding and reselling / Randomizing Ad Packages??
« on: December 08, 2016, 01:24:42 PM »
Is there a way to NOT have a set of 10 ad packages display one-after-another within the adnet component? 

How do I get paid adnet packages to "sprinkle" through the non-paid filler content without them all being clumped up together?

My planned digital signage network will have the following "levels" of interaction:

- Administrators/Staff - Those putting the network together and creating the content (packages)

- Sales staff - Those selling to both the advertisers and the venues where the displays will be

- Venues - The locations where the displays/screens are

- Advertisers - The customers paying for everything but (in my opinion) have no access to the network at all

I've got the Enterprise Edition and am struggling to find out how to map what the software uses to what I'm thinking of.  I'm seeing the following Levels(groups) in the software:

- Account

- Business

- Re-seller

- User

- Customer

How do I map the terms I'm using to the terms used in the software?  I want to setup the network, have my sales staff go out and sell venues and advertisers and have my staff create the ads and run the packages.  I'm confused with the labels being used.  Help...


I would think that the most important piece of data for a particular station would be if its "running" or not.  After that, I would think that the second most important piece would be WHAT its running.  I guess information like OS, memory usage and run time are good bits of info, but I don't see them being nearly as important as being able to at-a-glance see that the proper campaign's are running.

Please make a column in the station grid for the currently running campaign.  :-)


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